The Big Bang Theory 1/3--The Egg Salad Equivalency

Sheldon gets accused of sexual harassment at the University and winds up getting Leonard, Raj and Wolowitz in trouble.

Thanks - I didn’t know that they were airing a new one this week.

So does this mean Stuart has been downgraded to a Shih Tzu?

I’ve thought of “giant jenga”, mostly while stacking firewood…


I thought it was a bit of a clinker. Only a few moderately funny moments. The HR lady was from the stereotype character catalog, the sassy black lady who has seen it all. Penny in her hot librarian look was pretty good, Amy and Bernadette kind of phoned it in this week. Seems like they’ve reached the point where they don’t know where to go with the show.

I liked it – not a great episode, but well done.
As for Penny’s “Hot Librarian” look, now every time Pepper Mill sees me while she has her reading glasses on, she pulls them down from the bridge of her nose and says, seductively, “Molecules.”

Did it work? Did you get all hot and bothered like Leonard did?

I don’t need seductive Hot Librarian moves to get me hot and bothered, but it certainly accentuates the image. Unfortunately (for this purpose, at any rate), we have a teenaged daughter, whose stay-up-late prevents my dragging Pepper Mill off to the bedroom.

not doing scholarly research on the show though it did seem to have some continuity problems with Sheldon. it seemed the old no social clue Sheldon, where he has over time come to understand emotions in others, social limits and even develop some of his own.

I was wondering that myself.

I found it very funny. And Regina King makes anything she’s in better. And any episode where Penny gets a little humility in her relationship with Leonard is A OK in my book.

My new, big-screen, hi-def TV isn’t being delivered until next week. Damn you, Pilot Courier Service!

I just watched it online. I don’t know if Sheldon was the problem so much as everybody else. Alex has surely been around him long enough to know his overtly clinical approach to sexuality. She always seemed to get him before; to be offended by him now seemed a little out of character. And the HR lady would have probably met him before, or at least known that his comments weren’t of salacious intent.

And they sort of left that storyline open. Don’t know how things got resolved for the other three. I wonder if it will be forgotten next episode or if there is fallout yet to come.

I liked the fact that Penny got a bit insecure over the relationship.

There has been some development of the characters, but I don’t know if it rises to the level of discontinuity. Amy was at first a totally sexless equivalent to Sheldon, she has evolved to having a strong but unsatisfied sexual desire. Bernadette was at first a simple waitress, but then unknown to us she was about to finish her Ph.D. Even Howard went from an insufferable horndog to being a pretty normal guy. By contrast, I think Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj have seen the least growth.

Bernadette was a microbiology student right from her first appearance, when Penny set her up with Howard. She was also a waitress, but she definitely told Howard she was studying microbiology. And her voice was a lot more normal too.

ETA: First date.

Alex could just be getting frustrated with Sheldon & lashing out. The HR could be realitvely new; Sheldon’s worked at the university for about 6-10 yrs, she only has to have been there long enough for Raj to have made that comment at an office party. She doesn’t seem to be very good at her job either.

Ah yes, I recall that episode. She said she was studying microbiology and Howard said she could study him. She showed no sense of humor or joy then and it didn’t really give the impression that she was a good student, let alone Ph.D. material.

Except that Howard knows her and her family on a first-name basis from his previous exploits, and he states that it’d been a while since he’d been called to the carpet. So plenty of time for HR to know who Sheldon was, unless he really never ever got in trouble before with them.

She was there long enough to see Howard on a frequent basis. It was a very stereotypical character, I’d imagine the HR person at CalTech would have a lot of experience dealing with sexual harassment from uber-nerds.

i think that AFF and Sheldon have both developed slowly in a somewhat linear fashion.

Sheldon also has developed knowing that other people operate differently and came to recognize their levels of feeling andfunction.