Big Bang Theory March 22 2010

Having a hard time paying attention tonight, distracted. But Sheldon when he was trying on suits with Penny - that last one was wonderful. Proof that good clothes can really make someone look great.

Shoulda guessed that was gonna happen…ha.

The Sheldon lovers must be pleased - Sheldon in his skivvies.

And OMG last few seconds!

Sheldon actually looked like a normal person (both in the suit and the next morning when he came out of his room with no pants on) and Raj spoke in front of Penny.

everybody at my house laughed out loud at this episode! very funny.

Okay, was anybody else singing along with The Elements?

Is there a list somewhere of geek cred that hasn’t been mentioned on this show? Now that Tom Lehrer has made it, we just need a They Might Be Giants song and a reference to The Prisoner.

Good episode. I loved his description of Simcity Sheldonville, I always did the exact same thing.

And Raj spoke in from of Penny, was he getting drunk at the party or is he getting over that?

He was meditating and pretending to be in Rajbekistan.

That was awesome - I loved Sheldon trying on the suits. We now have confirmation of why he wore that physicist suit a couple of episodes ago - as we suspected, that’s what he thinks looks good. And yes, he looked just like a real boy when he came out of his bedroom. :smiley:

Who’s Tom Lehrer? The Elements reminded me of those Animaniacs bits where Yakko would rhyme states or whatever.
I LOVED all the tuxes. The white tux reminded me of Tom Hanks in Big.
And the bit with Leonard analyzing Sheldon which turned into Sheldon becoming the therapist cracked me up.

Lehrer was a musical satirist in the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. He was a lyrical genius on the level of Cole Porter; not quite as musically gifted, but funnier. He is fondly remembered for songs like Poisoning Pigeons in the Park and The Masochism Tango. Sheldon was singing The Elements, set to the tune of the Major-General’s Song by Gilbert and Sullivan.

Here’s a version on youtube.

I envy the opportunity you have to hear his songs for the first time.

Who wants to field this one?

I guess that would be Robot Arm

It’s been established that one drink can do it for Raj. As long as he THINKS it’s alcohol.

I’ve always been a Sheldon fan. And I thought he looked damn foxy in it! Yowzah!

Plus, Sheldon with no pants on! Yum!

All in all, it was a funny episode.

I’ve noticed it before but in the various suits, he has a total David Byrne vibe.

Swing and a miss for me.

My least favorite BB eps are the Sheldon-centric ones.
I think these characters are so well-drawn that they are funniest when not portrayed completely over-the-top - as Sheldon standing up waving the wine bottle… At base, they are already so exaggerated. When the exaggeration is further exaggerated, I feel it loses much of its potential humor.

And he was holding a glass of white wine. I checked.

I simply adored Penny’s incredulous, amazed expression when Sheldon came out of the changing room in the black suit.

And I loved his comment “This is silly, I look like a clown”

I loved Penny’s expression when Sheldon yelled out “Just the Asians!”

I am disturbed to note that Sheldon appears to have a big bang.

In his pants.


If Jim Parsons doesn’t win the Emmy this year, something is wrong.

My favorite line of many laugh out oud ones:

Sheldon: The X-men get their name from Dr. Xavier’s last inital, which is X. Since my last name is Cooper, you are my C-men.

Long pause

Hward (dead serious): That is not a good name.

I did not see that one (snert) coming.