Big Brother 2 (U.S) Post-Mortem (Spoilers)

Okay, I’ll admit it. This show wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. It was definitely more exciting than the first go-round. For those who may not have noticed or cared, the final episode was last night. Granted the last few shows were pre-empted by the National Tragedy™, and after something like that a reality show is truly unimportant. But it was interesting enough to deserve a last thread.

My thoughts:

  • What the hell was Will thinking with that final speech?
    It looked like he had it all wrapped up and then he goes and spews his “if you’ve got a problem with reality TV, maybe you’ve got a problem with reality” speech. I guess it just shows what a bitch Nicole was if Will still won.

  • Bunky vs. Spine: The final conflict
    I almost think the Bunkster may be turning into a vertebrate after all. Not a single tear shed (that we saw). He totally called Will out for being an arrogant ass (Will’s typical response: “Yeah, I am an ass, aren’t I?”), but still reverted back to puppydog status when he talked about why he was voting for Nicole. I know I can’t wait for the BunkyMania tour to hit my town.

  • Mike & Krista
    Get a room.

  • Will
    Even after the speech, I still think he rightly won. He knew it was a game and played it as such. Granted, his tactic of lying and intentionally throwing competitions will never work again for future BB contestants, and it would’ve been so easy for him to have lost this one. But he was perceived as easily beatable, a strategy that won naked Rich the first Survivor.

Hee hee! Oh, this was just too much! I didn’t stop laughing the whole time. I loved seeing everyone snipe at each other when they all got together.

Mike & Krista: Gag. No way is she ever actually going to marry him…she was just trying not to embarass him on national t.v. And what is UP with the powder blue leather “chill town” basketball outfit? Someone at MBTV said, “Mike: you are not a professional athlete. Stop wearing uniforms.” Word.

Let’s see…I loved Monica’s “congrat-u-damn-lations” and was surprised that Nicole’s head did not explode upon losing. How much xanax was she doped up on, anyway?! I suppose from the question session the day before or whenever they did that, she had a good idea that nobody was voting for her.

I thought Kent showed a lot of class when he gave his vote, mentioning the National Tragedy[sup]TM[/sup] and all. Plus I loved his “choice between a rash and an ingrown toenail” comment.

And then there’s Will. Love him. Have always loved him. His final speech was just the icing on the Evil Cake. He acted evil all along and that speech was just the final triumph of “Let’s see how evil I can be and still win”. Will’s whole goal was just to have fun, so he didn’t care about the money. I’m glad it went down the way it did. Will deserved to win because he played the best.

“Will’s whole goal was just to have fun, so he didn’t care about the money.”

I don’t believe anything he says. As for the money, he wouldn’t give any of it to charity, he is an arrogant selfish person. I don’t know what Shannon (?) sees in him. Soon as she gave him a juicy hug he had to visit the bathroom, hmmm, was that a clue :slight_smile:

I think Will was using the Richard Hatch patented Method Of Winning[sup]TM[/sup].
He was the only one who seemed to really keep it in mind that it was just a game.

Mike and Krista…oh, gag. Was that the lamest proposal or what? I guess being married to a bar owner is a dream come true for someone who is usually stuck drinking Nyquil.
(I think she only said yes to keep from embarrassing him)

Shannon…could you get your dress any tighter? What a total bitch.

Bunky…I liked him before, but what’s with this Bunky Across America tour?

Kent and Sheryl were the only ones who showed any class at all.

Will will now be able to afford a professional eye brow tweeker, a professional shaver of his body hair, mirrors eveywhere in his house to gaze at himself, and a professional hair stylist.

In his own words, he won’t give any of his $500,000 winnings to charity or those associated with the victims of the 11 Sep 2001 disaster.

In short, he may have won the Big Brother 2 game but thats where his winning stops!

I can’t believe that smug bastard won.

FYI, one of my readers e-mailed me to say that there was some sort of talk with Will and reporters, and Will said that now that he understands the magnitude of what happened in New York and Washington, he will, in fact, give some of the money to help out there.

Remember, folks, he only knew the little bit he was told. He didn’t see the images that we all saw.

He’s still an arrogant ass, of course. :slight_smile: