Big Buck Hunter Arcade Game

A coworker and I have become addicted to this game. A game room was installed where we work, and we play it every day.

For the first time in my life, I have my initials on an arcade game! Woohoo!

Does anyone have any tips or a good link for tips?

(It’s a hunting game where you cock and fire from a pseudo shotgun at Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Whitetail Deer, Antelope and Moose.) Neither of us is into hunting at all but we are addicted to the game.

We play a three round version. We play it twice a day–WE SPEND $15 A WEEK.


I’ve been recording our scores since August and have actually learned how to use the graphing capabilities of Open Office to track our scores.


(We’re addicted. Its awful. Our first question in the morning? “So what time are we going to go play?”)

Those are some fun games, I wish I had some tips, some scores I’ve seen are pretty amazing. There used to be a wing shooting version, and I played an African version at a bar in Dallas a few weeks back. The African version has tons of stuff to shoot. If your hunting buffalo, say, there will be three buffs that are your main objective, but also 5 small animals to blast for a bonus and 1 bonus big game animal, like a lion, that is really hard to get. So 9 animals per screen for a perfect score.

In Buckhunter, I always got tricked by a cow/doe standing right in front of a bull/buck so it looked like the lady had antlers.

Oh yes. We refer to all does as “those suicidal bitches” when we play. :stuck_out_tongue: