Does this game exist?

I’m looking for some sort of fps or hunting game or rpg set in the wilderness that involves hunting? Perferablly set in Africa, but not necessary.

I have an idea for a machinima involving the thoughts of a hunter…

Any ideas? Oh, and it should have the main character be freemoving (1st or 3rd) rather than automatically moving like in arcade games.

Er, could a Mod please edit the title to be more descriptive?

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter comes to mind. I haven’t actually played it, but it seems to fit the bill.

Far Cry 2 is a (beautiful) FPS set in Africa. It doesn’t involve hunting, but there’s game around.

Red Dead Redemption has a big hunting element, but is set in the latter days of the Old West. Can’t think of anything set in Africa.

I can think of one game, but unfortunately, you can only carry 100 pounds of food back to your wagon. -Regardless or how many animals you shoot. It runs on an Apple lle though.

The publishers of Big Game hunter has a whole line of them. They were a huge fad back in the 90’s. I don’t think any modern publishers have gone with it, but really, it’s a perfect genre for PC or the Wii.

There’s a game called Afrika on the ps3 that’s about taking pictures of African wildlife. I think that fits what you’re looking for as long as shooting pictures instead of bullets will work with whatever you had in mind.

Nah, there was at least one updated version of it released in the mid-90’s.

Well in that case, that version of the game ran on lle.

You can get it on the Iphone. -Not sure if that is counted in the official 5 installments they have made.

I’m gonna go with Far Cry 2, I think

Cabela’s African Safari seems right on the nose. I picked up a new Xbox 360 copy at Wal-Mart for $5 about a year ago.