Big Cats and Laser Pointers

As we all know, laser pointers and housecats generally equals big fun. Now given that big cats like lions and tigers are closely related to housecats and have some of the same personality traits, I’m wondering if they react the same way to laser pointers as housecats do. Has anyone tried this out? (I’m thinking if it does have the same effect, it could put big fun in my world domination plans! :D)

I would imagine they would not be interested; domestic cats typically chase much smaller and more active/flighty prey - right down to things like crickets and houseflies - than big cats. If your laser pointer can project an antelope, rather than a dot, you might be onto something.

not all cats go nutso over the laser light. i had 3 cats, 2 didn’t flick a paw, 1 i could spin in circles.

the big cats in the philly zoo do hunt little things, birds and bunnies have met their demise going through the lion and tiger enclosures. all the big cats seem really, really, interested in strollers. really interested… very intent.