Do some cats not see lasers?

I have two cats. Recently, I bought a small laser pointer to entertain us all. One of them chases it everywhere. The other doesn’t even ignore it. He acts as if it isn’t happening. He watches my hand move, the other cat run, everything. Doesn’t track the tiny red dot at all. Is it possible he just doesn’t see it?

You have 2 cats. One of them likes the light, the other one thinks that the light is stupid.

We have 5 cats, 2 of them play with the light, the rest just sit there and wonder who is the most stupid ones in the house.

We also have a DaBirdtoy. Some of the cats love it, some of them just sit around while I swing the lure over their heads and onto their bodies.

Some of our cats love catnip. The others turn up their noses when I offer it.

Cats are teh weird. Love them but don’t expect them all to do the same thing.

My guess? He thinks it is silly, and you are silly, and the other cat is silly, but especially you. Expecting him to fall for that old trick. He’s above it.

A side question. Two dogs in our family, one ignores the cat’s laser, the other goes nuts chasing it.

Does your dog react to a laser pointer?

This falls under the mantra of "If the question is ‘does a cat do/not do X because Y, or because they don’t give a rat’s ass about what their human does/wants?’ the answer is always the latter.

The degree to which cats simply don’t care about things that humans find visually interesting, like “colors” and “lasers,” versus not actually seeing them, is one of those big questions in neuroscience.

I expect your cat doesn’t care, but it is also conceivable that he has a visual issue, perhaps astigmatism, or low sensitivity to red light, and he doesn’t actually see it.

My cat initially was fascinated by a laser pointer, but after a day he decided it was stupid and ignored it forever after.

My dog does in fact react to a laser pointer, but he is a herding dog and I have been told this is a no-no for herding dogs. (He reacted to it when I was trying to fascinate the cat.)

Does he chase other things, like cat toys? If not, he’s probably just way too cool for that sort of thing. He’d probably be happier listening to experimental jazz while smoking french cigarettes and reading Satre.

Every cat I have ever had can plainly SEE the little red dot, and if it gets CLOSE enough, he may try to swat it.

No cat I have ever had could be bothered to CHASE the thing.

My GOD, but mah kitties were obsessed with laser pointers!