Big dic... erm..... BIG!!!

A friend just sent this URL to me, proclaiming it to be a dick worth checking out.

I’m not sure what comment I have to offer outside of: “I have to admire his confidence and self-belief.”

This is also listed in Weird Earls. The funny thing is, this has been incorporated into another site…a clothing site or something. It’s hilarious.

Lee Jeans. check out gotta love that hair. :rolleyes:

Oops so it (in WierdEarl’s). I don’t seem to check out the main page much anymore… damn addictive message board.


OKay, so he’s confident. Very confident. Overly confident. Maybe a little self-absorbed. And maybe a little deluded.

I just look at the pictures and can’t help but think, “Captain America has really let himself go.”

A wild and sexy guy, not!

Alright! The lee site has Super Greg too! Who’s the guy in the middle?

Wait a sec – I just did a whois on and… they’re owned by the same company…
I smell crass merchandizing.

Then again, this is probably something that everyone that watches MTV knows all about, and I’m only learning about though link of the day sites on the net.

Good work MP. I had suspicions when I saw it there.

LOL, that’s funny. That dude is totally getting off on himself. The whole page is a big bunch of self masterbation, Bwahahaha.

Um…what other kind is there?