Big e-ink readers?

I think the Kindle DX is discontinued now. Have there been any good new devices in that size? I would love something for reading sheet music or textbooks on a good e-ink screen (vs a tablet).

Or has that market just disappeared?

Sony 13.3" 4GB DPTS1 Digital Paper System

Perfect, thanks!

The Onyx Boox Max is a 13.3 inch e-reader with functionality that in some ways is more like a tablet than a traditional e-reader. The screen is a grayscale e-ink like other e-readers. I don’t have any personal experience with the brand. Their 9.7 inch model seems to be more popular.

I wish there were such things as desktop e-ink monitors. I wouldn’t use one as primary VDU, but most of the time I have something open on one of my screens that requires very little refresh performance, and would be much nicer to read on an e-ink screen. Technical manuals or other documents, for example.