Big Fish: The Movie--coming soon

Okay, has anyone read the novel that this movie is based on?
Has anyone seen a trailer in theatres yet? Can’t find one on the Internet.
Found some production stills, however:



I’m not certain of the release date. It’s either November 26 or Dec. 17.


One more pic: here

And it might show up on Dec. 10 after all.

It’s going to be excellent, or at least it looks like it. I’m a big fan of Ewan McGregor so I’ve known about this one for a long time.

I read the book but I can’t remember anything about it. Uhm, that’s pretty weird for me, but hopefully the movie will be more memorable.

Shoot, a connection error wiped out my post.

Okay…looks like an early December release, which is good marketing for the Oscar corridor.

I love looking at the photos and costumes in particular. I remember the book to be kinda short, so I’m sure they added things to it to make a two-hour feature, but I don’t think they’ve changed anything major.

The trailer is up!

Looks great.

Is anybody going to the New York City or Alabama charity screenings/early viewings of this movie?


Very nice pics in two parts, up now:
(part two; click on link for part one)

Finally saw a trailer for this the other day on the big screen and I can’t wait.