Big Lebowski-info on two songs in movie needed.

I just rented The Big Lebowski and had a grand old time watching it. Very funny. Bridges, Goodman, and that cop’s laugh when he tells the Dude that they got “leads” on who stole his car–so funny. But I was wondering, on what album is that Dylan song (The Man in Me) and who sings the next to last song–a slow version of Viva Las Vegas, sort of? Female vocalist. Anybody know?

Shawn Colvin does the slow dreamy Viva Las Vegas which isn’t on the soundtrack CD for some reason.

The Man in Me was first realised on Dylan’s New Morning in 1970.

Thanks, don’t ask! Glad I asked! Appreciate it. I thought Dylan’s voice sounded pretty good, unlike his more recent, and weaker, efforts.

Shawn’s VLV appears on

Various artists
Forward/Rhino R2 71878, 1995

thanks, ftg.
And while I’m here, isn’t there a cover of Dead Flowers in that movie, too? And who does that? (I can’t read the blurry credits on the video rental). What a funny movie; I’m going to watch it again tonight for some more laughing.

The cover of Dead Flowers is performed by Townes Van Zandt.

Oh, and if you have any other questions about the Big Lebowski soundtrack… see here. :slight_smile:

The Big Lebowski is indeed a great film. Enjoy watching it again! You’ll discover something new just about everytime you watch it.

Thanks, Anamorphic! I appreciate the link.