I'd swear it was Andy Garcia...

But it’s a flick about a guy that’s running a business assisting terminally ill people to create living wills via video. Then I believe he needs to do the same thing because he got sick. Who? What? HELP! I remembered enjoying it and wanted to share it with a loved one…


Pessor, MA

Things to do in Denver when you’re dead.

I feel like a idiot now… I thought that movie was fantastic, yet for some reason I forgot that detail from that particular aspect. Dumbass over here.


One of my favorite movies. I’ve been searching for it on DVD, but to no avail. Great performances by Garcia, Christopher Lloyd, William Forsythe, and especially Treat Williams. *And *a pre-Burn Notice Gabrielle Anwar!

Note that it’s not really about his video living will business; that’s just a bit of character definition. It’s really about small-time gangsters, and how loyalty to your friends can be bad for your health, but you still have to be loyal to them, in order to be loyal to yourself. Or something like that…TRM

…and didn’t Warren Zevon have something to do with the soundtrack?

Now that I think about it, that was a truly fantastic movie.

The bitch’s bastard!!

WZ wrote and sang the song played during the end credits. But I don’t know if he wrote it for the movie, or had already written it previously.

Boat drinks, indeed.

I love that film. It just gives me this feeling…affection but sadness – I guess bittersweetness.

He’d already written it. The song and the movie are in no way related except for the title.