Big Love 02.22 They were petting rats

and we still have that box of soot with us.

Interesting episode…

Both Nicki and Sarah made me want to cry. I know most people are anti-Nicki, and I have no illusions about her, but I just want to hug her anyways. I wish she had a chance to tell Bill to shove having more kids up his ass. I really think her main issue with kids is that she feels that she was only married as a baby factory for Barb. Unlike the other two wives, she didn’t “fall in love” with Bill and have a flirtatious relationship with him first. I don’t think she even had a whole lot of say, or even thought she had the right to say, in whether she got married or not.

The Ben/Margene thing was weird. I wanted to smack Margene for bringing up. Just drop it!

What’s your problem?
I’m a Baptist!

The first 40 minutes of that episode were the most boring 40 minutes of a Big Love episode I’ve seen so far. Luckily it got better because I was getting antsy. That roadtrip looked like a nightmare. I think Sarah had it pegged - forced deathmarch. Somehow, I just didn’t consider her miscarrying as a possible outcome. She recovered very quickly. I was kind of surprised that Nicki 'fessed up to the birth control pills.

The ascending backlit “angel” behind Bill while he was praying for a “sign” (turn around, dude!) reminded me of Angels in America.

I love that when he told the crew to get a move on, they left him behind - HA!!

I thought it was a great episode, including the first 40 minutes. It was different, but I found myself enjoying it more than a lot of other episodes. Very amusing while still progressing all the serious issues the family is facing. I thought it was a nice change of pace.

This episode was definitely more of a comedy, but I thought the first 40 minutes were great. They did a superb job building up both comedic and dramatic tension as the various stories unfolded in each of the cars.

I’m just disappointed that all we got to see of naked Margene was a body-double’s ass. :frowning:

sigh In the minority again. Believe me, it’s not the first time :).

“Mommy, that man was scary.”
“Baptists always are.”

Margene sure looks great for a woman who’s just had three babies in quick succession.

I thought it was very good. About ten minutes into it, I turned to my spouse and said “National Lampoon’s Mormon Vacation”.

I liked it too because we got to see Bill actually interacting with his family - meaning, like, his kids. All we ever see anymore is Baby Mama Drama, crazy compound bullshit and Bill at work. I’m interested in this show partly to see how your “typical” polygamous family lives. It’s interesting to me to see how they handle a huge family road trip, as well as they way they “Mormonize” stuff. The bit with them in the Joseph Smith house and Bill bringing up polygamy was interesting.

I thought this episode was absolutely fantastic, maybe the best of this show ever. Such a great mix of comedy and drama, and it was really fun to just watch this family try to deal with things as a family.

“Has he chased you at night? Has he tried to lock you in the trunk?”

Btw, anyone know if Bill or the amateur church historian was right about the widows and orphans? I’m betting against Bill…

Jim Neighbors’ “daughter” was hilarious.

I thought it was a great episode. I didn’t think it was going to end with Sara losing the baby and Nikki finding out. Nikki really showed that she can be human when faced with Sara having a miscarriage.

Margene and Ben was gratuitous, didn’t we have this plot-line earlier?

Poor Nikki is going to have to have another baby, I wonder how she schemes to get out of it. I’m sure it will have something to do with her new boss.

To the Big Love production team, please don’t have Teeny in pigtails again.

The thing with Margene and Ben was hinted at in the first or second season. It’s not completely unexpected, given the small age difference between the two. And it’s the reason that the teenage boys are pushed out of the compound.

I was wondering about the time capsule they buried. If it’s some sort of tradition, wouldn’t that field be covered in buried time capsules?

I assumed that the historic sites they visited were all fictional. But apparently Cumorah is a real town in upstate New York. So perhaps the bit about the widows and orphans is supposed to be about how the LDS Church is sanitizing its polygamous background.

To the Big Love production team, please don’t have Teeny in pigtails again>>Minnie Luna

No kidding- poor kid- it must really suck to go through an awkward stage on national television. And could’nt they at least make her hair match her complexion? That may be her natural coloring, or she spends alot of time in the sun- but it is really unflattering.

Another thing. Did Nicki look right at the funeral urn on the car and say nothing to Margene, knowing that it would fall?

I thought she did too- but it may have just been a way to make us wonder. I could have very easily looked right at it and not registered it was there (I’ve lost many, many fountain drinks in much the same way LOL). If she did see it, it was probably a “shrug, problem solved” response.

I gotta tellya. I found that episode very upsetting and disturbing.

Mostly because I was raised by mormons, was a mormon for six years, and took a hellacious family road trip to the Cumorah Pageant. I was actually in tears last night from post-traumatic post-mormon stress syndrome. I was hoping to never hear any of those mormon hymns ever again in my lifetime.

So my sister e-mailed me with “did you see that last night?” And I said, yeah… remember that trip we took…? And it turns out that she is also suffering from post-traumatic post-mormon stress syndrome. We’ve been reliving the “forced death march” road trip from hell via e-mail all day long today. Both of us swear that the Big Love producers could have taken that episode smack out of one of our diaries with minimal embellishment and it’s still pretty damn accurate.

Perhaps, then, Dogzilla, you can answer the question presented by MaxTheVool about Joseph Smith. Were his multiple wives widows and orphans? In general, does the mainstream LDS Church attempt to whitewash the polygamy of the early church?

The Mormons did spend that winter of 1846-47 here in Nebraska. here is a link to a short description.

The opening scene had them visiting the site out in a flat corn field, which are very common here in Nebraska. However, the Mormon Temple that has been built on the site of the Winter Quarters Cemetery is in the middle of a neighborhood, high on a hill overlooking the Missouri River. It is a pretty major Mormon tourist attraction. The grain mill built by the Mormons who stayed there during that period is still there, about a quarter mile from the Temple.