Big Love 2/9/09

Decent episode- so much happened. Was very sad to see Cathy’s testimony become worthless. Not sad to see Frank get out of Lois’ clutches- he’s a bastard but he keeps us on our toes.

Nikki’s story arc is becoming interesting- why help her father and then push him down the stairs? And never thought I’d feel sorry for Rhonda. Bill’s becoming as bad as Roman, his conversation with Rhonda was down right creepy and I can’t believe Barb let Alby in her house after the snake incident.

The part with the adoption couple seemed weird- think Sarah might decide that there are all kinds of weirdness in families (not just polygamy) and the kid could do a lot worse than being raised by herself. I’m not clear on whether Scott knows or not. When she broke up with him, and he was trying to work out why she was angry, she said to him “this all just happened”. Couldn’t decide whether she meant the relationship or the baby.

So when Cathy’s sister hugged her son after testifying against her, was that because Roman was keeping her son as a hostage to ensure that the sister lied under oath? If so, then it sounds like someone on the compound was taking notes when they watched Godfather II.

I don’t think he knows. I think she just meant that the breakup “just happened” and they grew apart. It seemed, to me, that she was trying to get him to go away so she wouldn’t have to tell him and have him limit her options or make him responsible.

Rhonda is a creepy little girl, but I honestly feel sorry for her because I can’t imagine how being raised in that environment. I think it’d screw up just about anyone.

Nikki’s storyline really is compelling. It’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Also, Margene’s hair! Wow!

One would assume so, yes. They’re painted as having the stereotypical super-close twin relationship, so I can’t really think of anything else they’d be able to hang over head to make her betray Cathy.

And I get the feeling the Grant family could teach the Corleones a thing or five about threats and intimidation.

As for Nikki, I think it’s finally hitting home for her that she is only as beloved (by either of her parents) as she is useful to Roman’s various schemes. And him addressing her as his daughter in the middle of a courthouse absolutely crawling with reporters, when she’s been working in the DA’s office under a fake identity…was he trying to land her in a world of shit? I rather suspect he was, because he’s too damn wily to not know the danger he was putting her in. Why would he do that to his own daughter whom he claims to love, who has just saved him from lifetime imprisonment? Well, she’s married to a man who dared to oppose him, and I think he’s just that spiteful an old bastard.

Damn, but this show has really hit its stride this season. The writers are doing a great job with every single character.

I can’t stop thinking about Nikki. It’s not clear whether Roman abused her himself (forcing her into marriage is bad enough) but I think I get why she still loves him, or why she says she does. If someone’s gonna do that to you, you have to believe they love you. The alternative is that they just used you, that means you have no value. It’s twisted, but in Nikki’s case, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

I think it was the “darling daughter” comment that set her off. She hates him for what he did and she hates herself for still loving him. Or still needing to love him.

And Rhonda, asking that truck driver “Are you married?” What the hell did she mean by that?

I missed the first few minutes. How did Frank get loose? Did Lois let him go?

Frank’s wives called Alby and told him where he was.

They didn’t show Frank getting loose. They just cut to Lois living in her car, on the run, which was a little jarring. Apparently one of his other wives (the one who hit him with a shovel?) called Alby to tell him what had happened.

So I suppose the adoption couple is unable to have their own baby simply because they don’t have sex?

I’m really enjoying this season, too. I think it’s really interesting how they are showing polygamy and Mormonism from a variety of angles. And how what’s normal to one person is crazy to another.

I absolutely loved the reactions of Heather, Sarah and Ben during the interview with the adoption couple.
This show has really been excellent.

I don’t know if Rhonda is out of the story from this point, but if not, she will not have a happy ending

I wonder if Rhonda will call Sarah to save her when she gets all her money stolen, raped and left on the side of the road somewhere. I think the “Are you married?” question was just a way to show how naive she was. Her whole life has been hinging on a significant marriage- her family has taught her that is her only value in life. Got the chills when the truck driver just laughed.

I was hoping Sarah would run screaming from that couple,not so much for the “reformed gay” thing, but I would never hand over my child to a woman who described her mood disorder as turning into a “holy terror”.

I agree, this is really excellent. In fact, this season is more of what I hoped last season would be. For season two, there were all these dark foreshadowings but it did not pay out. This season already has :).

I am waiting for Hollis and Selma Green to come back into the picture. Maybe an arranged marriage between Albie and Selma Green to heal the breach…

That’s the only way she knows how to relate to men.

I think she asked that to try to figure out if she was going to be expected to sleep with him. Either she completely missed the implication when he told her to “sit over here next to me” or she was deciding right then and there if she was going to sleep with him.

She is either valued by men as a potential wife or not at all – by the way she was raised. She probably has very little experience with a stranger trying to take advantage of her, so the next episode may be very interesting. Maybe she’ll try to get the truck driver to “marry” her so she can not feel guilty about boinking him. She’ll try to use that information one way or another, but I suspect it will backfire because… girlfriend left the compound a long time ago. Right? She’s been programmed to believe that people work this way or that way, but she hasn’t really dealt with never-been-mormon truck drivers yet.

Rhonda will never sleep with anyone voluntarily. She has been raised with the understanding her virginity has great value. She tried to trade on this value and seduce Bill right before he put her on the bus. She tried again with the Prophet in the jail visit. She thinks that, as long as she can hold out, she may be able to use this virginity to her advantage.

The trucker is not interested in her virginity…

You know, I kind of wonder if Rhonda wasn’t trying to calculate where she’d be in the hierarchy with him. If he’s not married, she could potentially be wife #1. There’s a certain amount of status that goes with being the first wife, and Rhonda dearly loves status and feeling like she’s special and important.

I was puzzled by the past relationship between Barb’s mother and Lois. It seemed to me that there was an implication that they were sisters…which would make Barb & Bill first cousins :eek:

My favorite scenes recently (well, aside from gratuitous sweaty Margene dancing scenes :slight_smile: ) have been the ones with Nicky at work. This is her first excursion ever into the real world, and the DA is probably the first guy from the real world to have ever shown any interest in her, even if it’s just mild workplace flirting (like throwing a jellybean at her). She softens in those scenes in a way we’ve never seen anywhere else. (It’s great acting by Sevigny.)

I wonder if Nicki would ever consider making a run for it, like Don’s wives did. She doesn’t give two shits about Bill, especially after he was working to bring Roman down, but at the same time she’s finally seeing Roman for what he is. If she really still has some of that money she took from the compound (I can’t remember if she does or not), the best thing she could probably do is get as far away as possible from the whole mess.

The more I think about it, the more I think they’re building up to that.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the show so far this season, it’s going to get a hell of a lot better with Roman out of jail, especially if he really is starting to lose his marbles a little bit.

I think Lois was just using “sister” in a sarcastic way. What I gathered happened is that during one of her falling outs with Frank, she played up the “abused wife” to the T to get Barb’s mother’s help. Then she went back to Frank when she felt like it, disappointing Barb’s mother who probably saw Lois as a project. I think she said (not positive) that she hadn’t seen her for almost 20 years, that would have been very early in Barb/Bill’s marriage (maybe even before).

I think, in many ways, Lois probably was not treated well by Frank. But I do think she married him for love (her brother implied that it was Lois that chose Frank, marrying beneath herself) and was torn all her life between her own independence, her love of Frank and her beliefs. She also was a daughter of a prophet, which makes her have more in common with Nikki than any other person on the show. I’m pretty fascinated by Lois’ character, to tell the truth.

I don’t know that Nikki doesn’t care for Bill, but is starting to feel that her life has never been in her own control. I think she keep Bill at a distance while she decides what to do about her father, her family and her own future. But I can’t see her leaving voluntarily. I think she has some feelings for the family (the Hendricksons et al) than any individual person. But I can’t imagine the person who protected them so fiercely in the first season (when Alby was sneaking around) just walking away from it. I can see her doing something unforgiveable and being kicked out by Bill though.

I was just shocked that their paths had crossed enough to have a relationship

Who, Barb’s mom and Lois?

I wonder if she called her “sister” because the two were connected via church previously. Was Barb brought up Mormon? (Wikipedia doesn’t say) I would assume she was.

I wonder if the Polygamists and Mormons have a special “we’ll save you from your religion if you come join ours” relationship like the Amish and [modern] Mennonites do. Perhaps Barb’s mom’s efforts with Lois weren’t just friendly, but part of a program by her Mormon church.

If Bill is heading down the same path as Roman I wonder if Rhonda will end up as one of his wives eventually.