Big Love July 23, 2007

Margene’s mom is coming. :eek:

Yeah, this should be interesting. :smiley:

I’m hoping we get some backstory, even if only indirectly. Was Margene any kind of Mormon at all before she married Bill? But yes, this should be interesting. I’m thinking she’ll turn out to be some ex-hippy who raised a very free spirit.

In the pilot episode, Margene is seen on the phone speaking to her mom, asking her if she’d want to come over and watch a movie (implication being that Margie is lonely). I always assumed from that that her parents (or her mom, at least) were somewhat cool with the whole polygamy thing (and that her mom lived within driving distance).
Of course, pilots do differ from the rest of the series, so maybe we’re meant to disregard that.

That was interesting. I thought her mom was going to turn out to be one of the few hip/cool characters when she was breaking out the alcohol and the cigarettes and the light up shirt. I suppose on a drama, a character like her is more sad/disturbing…in a comedy, you get someone more like Edina Monsoon (of Ab Fab).

This whole Bill is shaping up to be as bad as Roman deal is becoming more of an issue. I remember last season, people speculating about it. But now with the gambling thing and Bill dating (but not letting Margie do anything about it), he is coming across as rather a hypocrite. (Plus there was that not so subtle “I’m the good guy” line.)

“She tipped over! I didn’t touch her!”
I loved when Margene’s mom was ranting about how Nicky couldn’t help it, she was born into it, and Nicky’s reaction shot was like “well, yeah”.

Not one of the better episodes, IMHO. Some good comedic moments, but it seemed like the whole deal with Margene’s mom was overdone. Next week’s episode, however, looks like a real hum dinger!

Yeah. I think you have to have some episodes like this, though, in order for the more dramatic episodes to have impact. I did like that we got another look at the boat burners. And I was surprised when Bill said that Hollis is afraid of Roman. It seemed to me like it was the other way around.

So who was the polygamist who got arrested while carrying thousands in cash? Was he the leader of yet another group?

Yes, he was another group leader, similar to Roman and Hollis Green. His name has slipped my mind at this particular moment.

I was kind of scared for Barb for a moment while Wanda was grilling her about Joey. Wanda and Lois make me nervous on a regular basis. Bill’s dad too, come to think of it.

The most interesting part of Ginger’s visit was her conversation with Margene about not letting another wife in because as the young and pretty one, she’s the one with the real power. I don’t think Margie had ever thought of it that way before.

My husband and I were discussing last night what would happen if Bill does go back to Juniper Creek and take over from Roman. We don’t think Barb would be able to handle it. Nicki, of course, would be in heaven.

Orlean Abbot

Also good was when Nicky told Margene that her mom couldn’t help the way she was, she was a product of a “promiscuous society.”

I’m beginning to have a small issue with Margene’s pregnancy and the timeline. There has only been brief mentions of her being pregnant - like last night when her mom mentioned that she brought vodka. But never a mention of a doctor visit for a checkup, ultrasound or anything else.

Other than that minor nit-pick, I’m loving this season.

I think they mentioned her having a check up sometime last season. And they have cleared things up with the neighbors.

The thing that annoys me is where the kids go. Nicki has two boys (granted, one of them is in summer school) and Margene has two, one of whom is a little baby. Every now and then, they’ll mention Brynn or Sarah watching the boys. (I feel bad for those girls!) But, for example, remember when Nicki, the mom and Margene are out in the backyard (the scene where it’s not Nicki’s fault because of her upbringing). Barb’s out at the compound that day, Bill’s gone…who’s watching all those kids? Poor Sarah, again?

I dunno. Presumably it would be a very different type of “compound” if Bill took over. There would be a lot of crappy legacy marriages to deal with, but I don’t see Bill using the same terror tactics to keep things together. I don’t think he’d be bothered one way or the other if people decided to leave and go off on their own.

Nitpick is one word.


speaking of which… :stuck_out_tongue: