Big Love 7/5 (spoilers)

Bill spends almost no time with his kids and has the nerve to get upset abouting hearing something from a stranger instead of his daughter? I love Sarah’s comeback to him being made at her for lying. And I was really feeling sorry for Nikki right up till the last scene. Damn she’s is really good at manipulating people.

As for Nikki and her manipulation skills, apples don’t fall too far from the tree. Roman taught her well. Though she sure was easy on the eyes tonight while riding Bill :stuck_out_tongue:

Margie is in deep doo-doo with the neighbors. Bill doesn’t know about that one yet. That may just send him over the edge. I’m surprised the kids haven’t spilled the beans yet about the guy that came to the house with flowers.

I saw she had a smirk on her face after telling Margie why she didn’t vote for her, but I don’t understand. Why?

My take on why she didn’t vote for her is that she didn’t want Margie to take any of the attention away from her. She didn’t want their lives to turn into “The Margene Show” because she wants it to be “The Nikki Show”. By telling Margie this, I think she thinks it will make Margie less needy—why prove Nikki right, after all.

There was also the fact that Nikki had a bill from the local Marriot in her purse. “Shelter” indeed.

Chloe Sevigny should get naked more often. You know, for the art.

They were a little anvil-liscious with the bags of garbage, I thought. Yeah, we get it, dropped like sacks of kittens, loaded down with bags of garbage, nowhere to get rid of it. That was a touch heavy-handed. But the thing with Margine can only get worse. The kids have to mention her suitor and/or the roses, and her whole relationship with the neightbors will probably sour. It’ll really suck for her to lose a friend but still live right across the street from her.
Bill’s a pretty shitty dad.

I was waiting for little Raymond (or was it Wayne?) to say something about Daddy while that guy was at Margene’s. I wonder how they train the little ones from a young age not to say about their family situation when they’re in preschool/kindergarten. Kids that age have a tendency to just come right out and say stuff.

The situation with Don Embry and the new wife was weird. So this lady has pretty much made the rounds in all the religions, huh? I kind of agree with the other wives that it was a bad idea to let her into the family. I mean, how long until she changes her mind and decides to try something else? Also, what would be the appeal for a pretty young thing like Betty to be one of Don Embry’s four wives? I just don’t get it. With Bill, I can kind of see, because he’s good looking, successful, etc., but Don?

Looks like the last three episodes will be really interesting!

Although she is hard to stomach sometimes, I have to say that Niki is really growing on me. Her character is strong presence in the family and I love the Chloe portrays her.

Who watched Margene’s kids while she was out to dinner with the neighbors? Does she just flat out lie to everyone else about where she’s going?

She must flat-out lie, that’s the only explanation I can think of too. Unless they all rotate babysitting nights like they do w/ their nights with Bill. That would make sense too - then she wouldn’t really have to explain anything.

It seems like Nikki and Margene forget they’re even married to Bill unless they need something from him. I’m not on board w/ the whole polygymy thing, but if these people want to live that way - they should honor their committments regardless of their legality.

I liked how Barb reminded Bill of their own secret-keeping when he was so angry at Nikki. She’s just as manipulative as Nikki, but definitely more subtle and passive about it.

I enjoyed this episode, but like a previous poster I thought the symbolism was a bit heavy handed. Sacks of garbage, storms, lightning, flooding, fire - we get it…things are going to take a bad turn soon.

I even think the lobsters were symbolic - but only because the writers are so heavy with the other symbolism. Remember on “Friends” when Phoebe goes on and on about how lobsters are monogomous and mate for life? “She’s his lobster!” is one of my favorite lines from that show. Interesting that they’d be so prominent in a show about polygymy.

Or else a cigar is just a cigar.

Yes, definitely for the art.

I’d just come to the conclusion that the creators had deliberately decided that although Bill Paxton’s character has three great-looking wives, the only nudity we would see would be his, then last night …wow, just wow.

(And yes, I do pay attention to the story, too.)

Chloe doesn’t do much for me, and I doubt we’ll see any Brown Bunny action (it’s HBO, not Spice). Jeanne Tripplehorn, on the other hand, has been a favorite of mine for a LOOOONG time (she reminds me alot of a rebound girlfriend from college). I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of her almost 43-year-old body.

I also wondered how Nikki paid for the hotel room. If I were her and my husband had just found out that, not only am I 20K in debt, but that his archrival, my father, had helped me pay some of it off, I would be wearing my plainest, oldest clothing just so he didn’t see dollars circling the drain every time he looked at me.

Or, yeah, I suppose some might say that she should go naked. You know, for the art.

My husband mentioned the same thing—what’s in it for her? I think he is somewhat successful, or has the potential to be, but other than that…

Two other points I forgot to make:

Did everyone notice when Bill asked about what the living arrangements would be once Betty moved in and Don said two of the wives would be sharing a room until they could add on? I assume they were the two playing footsie during the card game (wink, wink).

It was also interesting how the other wives dropped Betty like a hot potato once they learned her past. That after the “We all fell in love with her right away” comment from the accordion-playing wife.

Well last week you got to see his dad :eek:

To be fair to Mesdames Embry Betty’s past made her a threat. What would happen if she left and say embraced mainstream LDS and decided to out them? Also Don’s son is Ben’s friend right? Don is Bill’s business partner. And what was up with the previews, is Bill going baptise Margie?

I think the date was more significant than readily apparent. Margie got a taste of being the sole, center of attention from a guy and she liked it. While he might not be a threat himself, the concept is and I think she’ll eventually leave the family. Barb also seems to be having regrets about not being the only wife. Bill’s world is going to crumble.