Big Love Poster "Contest"

Several weeks ago a poster whose name regretably escapes me now mentioned that there was a Poster Contest on the website Tastes Like Chicken.

Me being the competitive person I am, pulled up the site and entered their contest.

I won. I have a Big Love promo poster now. Pretty cool actually. I’m hoping that the OP also got one, because in my response thanking the site for the gift, I questioned the number of entrants. I thought there would be quite a few.

There were three. He joked that there were millions and I was quite lucky, but then admitted to only three. Kinda takes the fun out of winning actually.

So, my purpose here is to ensure that the person who actually WANTED this poster ultimately received a copy.

If not, and still interested, contact me via email and we’ll work out shipping.

And, side note here - US Americans - Have a safe-and-sane 4th! :smiley:

I won a poster as well - and I entered the contest from a post on TWOP, not because of a post here. I highly doubt they had only three entries… that would be me, you, and some other fan of polygymy dramas…I’ve been exchanging emails with Wayne, the editor from that website/magazine, for a few weeks. I’ll ask him how many entries he got and see what he tells me.

This reminds me of a few years back when my son was in a summer swimming league. We went to a huge meet, and the line up was all screwed up. Instead of the free stlye he usually swam, (is that a word?) he was in the breast stroke. He had never done that, and a minute before the match the coach is trying to show him how it is done. We (Momma bear and I) are much relieved when the coach’s last words are “Above all, don’t drown, that will get you disqualified” Aj did his best and came in a half lap behind himself. And took a 1st place ribbon home because it turned out he was the only one in his age bracket to swim the breast stroke. My point is that the field being narrow does not demean the accomplishment. In fact, it enhances it. You went where others would not. Congrats and a safe happy 4th to you.