Big Love (Spoilers) 4/16

I just have to say that the episodes keep getting better and better each week. This week was my favorite so far and the plot just keeps getting thicker doesn’t it!! Let’s discuss…

I agree that it’s definitely getting better each week. Some points from this week:

Nicki is obviously not really trying to get pregnant. She caught Bill and Barb and is getting revenge. I wonder what her excuse will be when she ends up not getting pregnant. Also, how stupid was that of her to try to buy the garbage disposal with Barb’s discount. I’m surprised Barb didn’t come down on her harder for that. And if that Wendy lady wasn’t already suspisious enough of Don Embry, she’s got to be suspicious of Bill now too.

I thought something was going to happen between Ben and Margene for awhile. I think Ben is starting to realize how complicated it is to maintain several wives.

I really want Bill to take his parents and his brother and sister-in-law out of Juniper Creek, but I know that won’t happen because we need that drama. Interesting exchanges between Bill and his dad. I wonder what Lois would say if she found out the truth about Bill’s dad’s (why can’t I remember his name?) change of heart.

When Lois finds out that her first wife status is worth a new roof and $5000 cash, I think she may be a little upset.

Well she might also enjoy how much she can fuck with him as his legal wife. Though next weeks preview looks like she gets thrown out of Juniper Creek. What was up with Nikki’s credit card being held? I’ve worked in customer service and I’ve never heard of that; don’t most places just return cards that are declinec? And Margene’s new friend is LDS (surprise, surprise). Who will get the family outed Nikki or Margene? Not only does Wendy suspect Don she suspects Bill too! Also what are the children to their dad’s other wives? Stepchildren? Co-children? This was the first time we heard Bill tell them to listen to their “moms”. Is Roman the step-grandfather of Barb & Margene’s kids?

Credit cards being held have been a standard for dramatic effect in shows for quite some time. I can think of several sitcoms including Cheers, and Frasier where the same device was used to add hilarity to the scene.

Nicki is such a hypocrite. She criticized Margie for being friends with a neighbor, but she goes into the store where Bill works and tries to use her family discount. If anything is going to blow their cover, it’s that kind of thing. She guilt-trips everyone-- telling Barb she wanted a daughter, for her, when she was asking Bill to give her a son (and she can’t even handle the sons she has, it seems). I think she’s really not into plural marriage; she wants to be the only one, or at least first wife. Barb hit it on the head when she said, “Sorry I didn’t die!”

Would Margie ever leave Bill? I wonder if they’re going that way. She’s not cut out for this kind of life.

I wonder if birth control is “allowed” or has Nicki just been taking them the whole time on the sly? Or are they all on birth control, hence Nicki’s annoucment she wants to bring a new soul into the family?

I did like that we got a little bit more backstory on Barb and Nicki’s relationship, although I think Nicki is guilting Barb with the “I took care of you when you almost died” bit.

So, do we all think that Bill’s mom DID poison his dad from that little slip up she made (He’ll be gone soon anyway)? Wonder what her motive is, besides just pure spite.

Does anyone else think that Roman’s new little wife singing “Will you Miss me when I’m Gone?” directed at Roman , as a nice little “Screw you, I’m outta here” sort of message? That’s the impression I got, although I wonder where she’d go. It’s not like she’d have all that many resources or know anyone outside the compound. Except for Barb’s daughter. Hmm…

Also, from the preview:

I wonder what Bill’s going to do when he finds out about Nicki’s $60,000 credit card debt? Barb seemed to feel sorry for her. I’m sure she’ll play the "But I’m pregnaaaaaaaant with a new soul, so how dare you yell at me! card when she’s backed into a corner.

I love how they’re letting the back story trickle out. The “affair” with Barb and the revelation about Nicky being “collateral” (which I had pretty much figured out already) shows that polygamy is not exactly something Bill chose to get back into.

Barb and Nicky’s conversation in the car fills in even more holes–Nicky thought Barb was going to die, which would have made her first wife, and thus legal owner of half the HHP empire. It also makes it a bit more clear why Barb accepted the arrangement–she didn’t think she’d be around for it.

I still think there has to be more to the story of how Margene came into the picture.

She worked for Bill, right? And she wasn’t very good at it, so Bill hired her as a babysitter. She admitted that she and Bill had sex before they were married, so maybe she was pregnant and he married her? He seems genuinely attracted to her, whereas with Nicki, not as much. That was clearly a business arrangement from his end, if not also hers.

I’m pretty sure the arsenic was in the little herbal concoction that Roman was pushing on Dad. Not sure what his motive would be, other than to remove a rival from the Priesthood Council (was Bill’s Grandfather whom Roman stole the leadership from Bill’s paternal or maternal grandfather? I’m not sure it was disclosed when the backstory was told, but it might have been clearer than I observed).

I think it was Bill’s paternal great-grandfather who started Juniper Creek. Lois said something to Bill in last night’s ep to the effect of her grandfather wouldn’t have wanted it to be this way for her, when they were talking about Bill’s dad’s refusal to make her first wife. Also, Bill’s dad mentioned that when he met Lois she was way above him and now he’s a bigwig in the Priesthood Council.

It does seem that Bill is more into Margene than he is with Nikki. Then again, he did screw Nikki in Margene’s bed ;).

Though it seems that Nikki will probably get the Hendricksons in trouble first. It seemed wierd that LDS was going after Nikkie. Maybe it was something Margene said to the neighbor that she misinterpreted?

I think you meant his maternal great-grandfather. The founding prophet was Lois’s grandfather, not Bill’s Dad’s. That’s why he was holding it over Lois - when Roman staged his “coup”, Lois’s family lost control of Juniper Creek.

I thought this was a really good episode, though, and I’m wondering who’s going to get in trouble first - Nikki or Margene?

Here somehting a little off topic…a little on-topic to all of us that can’t get enough Big Lovin’ – I just found this podcast on the site. I think its brand new b/c I was on the site earlier and I didn’t see it, check it out!!

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I did indeed intend to type “maternal,” and didn’t notice that I hadn’t until just now. Whoops. Darned “p” keys masquerading as "m"s.

I disagree, a little bit. I think Nicki is very much “into” plural marriage, at least in the sense that she was raised that way and it’s all she’s ever known, I’m basing this on her reaction when she thought Bill was seeing a 4th wife, she was totally thrilled. But she is very much into the “rules” and she has caught Barb breaking them by having an “affair” with Bill…I think maybe she would be more into the Juniper Creek kind of polygamy and she’s having problems with the “polygamy lite” of her marriage.

I do agree that she is the weak link in terms of getting caught, I’m sure the pioneer styling raises eyebrows in the area since it is so associated with the polygamy cults, and her family is around too much.

The BC pills sort of took me by suprise…birth control is not prohibited by standard LDS doctrine but I’m not sure about the polygamists. I think she threw out the wanting a baby thing to “cheat back” at Barb by gettin more sex with Bill under false pretenses and I think at the end of the episode 5 when she was talking about their “purpose” and wanting to bring another soul into the family she was really referring to her desire for another sister-wife.

I would like to see the pace of the show stepped up, they have started so many potentially great plotlines already that they could milk them for seasons…the LDS chick at the store is catching on to their secret, the neighbor and Margene could be a problem, Nicki is spending the family into bankruptcy secretly, there is potential for a Margene/Ben thing, Sarah (is that Barb’s daughter’s name?) will be either targeted by Roman or “rescued” by her LDS friend…possibly both and of course there is the inevitable Ruby Ridge showdown in the distant future.

When I worked retail, the credit card companies would sometimes ask you to hold or even destroy a card and would give the store $50 or $100 for the return of the card or the pieces, but they never REQUIRED the merchant to keep or destroy the card.

The policy of the store I worked at was to return the declined card politely to the customer and let the credit card company use someone else for their dirty work, besides I think they felt it could be dangerous for the clerk if they cut up the card of the wrong customer.


Yeah, I thought that was a rationalization, because she very quickly turned into, “Bill is not seeing the right kind of woman…” bit. She finds a reason to be righteously indignant about everything. Maybe she was also excited because having a 4th would put her higher up on the totem pole; she loves bossing Margene around but hates being bossed herself. A 4th wife could be cajoled into doing all kinds of stuff for her, and then she’d have two underlings instead of one.

She’s only into the “rules” when it suits her. Remember Bill and her screwing on Margene’s bed? That wasn’t according to rules.

It’ll be interesting to see how Bill reacts to this. Technically, Roman is responsible for that money, since he co-signed for the card, not Bill. She is not legally married to Bill and they have been claiming those kids are not Bill’s; admitting to polygamy would blow the lid off the entire sect, and I don’t know that Roman would be willing to do that, even to screw over Bill. Bill seems too nice a guy to use Nicki against Roman, but who knows how far things will go? I get the impression that Nicki is Bill’s least favorite wife, and he has been showing signs of discontent with plural marriage, as has Margene. It’s be interesting if the show depicted the slow breakdown of this family.

I wonder if the ‘deal’ to Roman is made more palatable by Bill agreeing to pay off Nikki’s debt and not make the bank go after Roman, as co-signer.

I think she is very much her father’s daughter, she learned at a very young age to use her religious beliefs selectively to support her points and serve her needs while ignoring them when they don’t…it’s such a part of her upbringing it’s second nature.

And I think her expectation of marriage comes from the ones she saw when growing up, and that probably meant she’s used to the senior wives having all the power while the young ones get all the lovin’, and I think it bugs her to see Barb with both, I still think she really wants a 4th wife…mostly to dilute Barb’s power (and also to have someone to boss around) but also because she’s bored and she’s used to having 30 siblings and 7 or 8 sets of parents, all engaging in duplictious intrigue.

Have they mentioned if Barb can still have children? I get the impression her illness may have left her infertile…this may be all the more reason for Nicki to pretend to be trying to conceive, lets really hit Barb where it hurts. And Nicki is not prepared to deal with the “secret” polygamous marriage because in her world all the wives were recognized.

I’m also wondering why the community isn’t more suspicious, from what I’ve read this kind of secret polygamy is common enough that a couple living in a house between 2 single women with a common backyard would certainly whisper (if not scream) polygamy in Utah…eyebrows are often raised when a couple shares a house with sisters, aunts or nieces.

And in other trivia…while getting exposed as polygamists would certainly ruin Bill’s business and any standing they might have in the LDS church ( do Barb and Bill go to church as a couple? If not, doesn’t the community wonder why?) they really aren’t breaking any laws except for little enforced ones against adultery and fornication. In the eyes of the law Barb and Bill are married and he’s having affairs with both his next door neighbors. Since Bill isn’t even publicly purporting to be married to Margene and Nicki, he’s not even breaking any laws having to do with false representation.

Here’s some interesting background