Big SDMB problems at home. If the Gods could assist? Please?

Ok here are my symptoms:

I am running a home grown rocket powered machine, I love my computer. I recently got a cable modem so I wasn’t so depressed coming home to a dial-up. It’s great, those who have them know this. Long story short: I log into the SDMB and the entire machine boggs down. I go to look at my posts that I posted from work and try and respond to people in the normal decent manner I usually do and the script I type takes several minutes to catch up to the cursor. If I try to scroll down a thread quickly, it won’t allow me to, it just takes its sweet geologic time. I have never had this problem. When I go into any other program I am fine. When I open a new window to surf the net outside of the SDMB I am fine. The problem only arises when I am on the SDMB.

Whats going on here. Any help would be much appreciated. Email me if necessary. Thank you all.

p.s. I also just installed Norton Super Anti-Virus et al and found a trojan horse which was promptly taken care of. But I am still having problems on these boards…this post for instance is taking forever to write because the script can not catch up to my cursor??? :confused:

I’m not sure but I had the same problem at one point. I think it just went away on it’s own. Sorry I can’t be of better help but I would like to know what the problem and solution are.

Now that I’ve typed that, I recently automatically started letting Windows automatically update. :shrugs:

Well Nobody - That thread did not really solve anything. I got Search and destroy, and though it is a nice program, my home computer is still running - only on SDMB - like an olympic calss slug.

Are you sure it isn’t just the SDMB that’s running slow?

I have a similar problem, only in SDMB (and only in long threads).

I post it here.

My IE slows down when is inside an SDMB long thread. Only in SDMB. Not in any other long page of any other site. I’ve used AdAware from Lavasoft. This doesn’t solve the problem.

Please, assist us. This is happening to me only the last two weeks.

Assuming that Spybot didn’t fix it, your computer might just be too slow. Long SDMB threads are pretty darned large and could be bogging down your machine.

A workaround might be setting the board to display a smaller number of posts per page (say, 25 instead of the default 50).

Then why other long pages don’t bog down my PC? How can I “weight” another pages to compare?

The simplest explanation is just that the SDMB is slow. We always have been, and we probably always will be (well, for another fifty years or so, at least). Nothing you can do on your end can make the board speed up any faster than it wants to be.

News: I’ve just added 128 Mb of ram to my machine (I have 256 Mb now), and the long threads are notoriously faster.