Big Sur compatible time-waster games

Last week I upgraded to macOS Big Sur. I’d put off upgrading for more than a year. (The latest OS was Catalina at the time.) I didn’t upgrade before because I knew I’d lose my games. And I did.

Freecell: I played a version like the PC version I’d been playing for decades. Features: Cards that look like cards instead of the more ‘creative’ designs I’ve found; allowed be the option of putting cards where I want them, instead of automatically putting them in the foundation cells; it did automatically move the cards to the foundation cells when they would not be used somewhere else; autocomplete finished the game and tallied the results when, as just described, all further moves would finish the game. The games I’ve found online take too much authority re: foundation cells, and not enough at the end-game.

Hoyle Casino: Lots of casino games. I like blackjack. Last year someone from the company told me their new version was compatible with Catalina. I’ve emailed them, and have not heard back whether it’s compatible with Big Sur.

Sudoku: I haven’t really played Sudoku recently, but I liked having it there from time to time.

Does anyone know of a ‘classic’ version of Freecell as described and, to a lesser extent, a version of Sudoku, that A) Will work with Big Sur; B) Resides on the computer, rather than online; and C) is free?