Big Time Music Fans: Play The SDMB ‘Name Those Tunes’ Cryptic Medley Game – Part #1

Has an audio Name Those Tunes Medley ever been done before?

Why?: I used to make short medleys late Sunday nights for my ex and old habits die hard. Seeing that the ex would prefer to see me dead, I figured I’d try one here instead and see how it goes.

The Rules?: Easy. Click the ‘SDMB Name Those Tunes Cryptic Medley’ link below. There’ll be a short (virus free) .wma medley that will play from my Yahoo briefcase on your computer’s default media player. Name all the tracks and you win.

The ‘Cryptic’ Part: The first letter of each track (in the order they’re played) spells the theme of the puzzle.

Prizes?: Hmmmm, let’s see. I’m kinda drawing a black here - I’ll tell you what: The 1st person name all the track titles (in order) wins a drink of their choice at NYC Dopefest in October. (Johnny Walker Blue and certain top-shelf cognacs are exempted).

I Don’t Drink / I Won’t Be in NYC This October: Fret not. Just designate the name of an attending doper you’d like to pinch-drink for you - and the cocktail is theirs. If you name all the tunes and select a tap beer drinking person to drink for you, you’ll have my wallet’s gratitude.

What If I Only Know Some Answers?: If you only know some track titles, feel free to post them - you’ll be helping out people who take a crack at naming all the tracks in the medley after you. If you’re the non-quitter type, plug in the 1st letter of the one’s you know & the cryptic clue will at least give you the 1st letter of the one’s you don’t.

This Medley: .WMA File. 23 Tracks. 1 Minute 35 seconds long. 1.135 Mb. All songs have something in common, hence the cryptic answer.

Difficulty Level: Not easy – but not impossible. Maybe a difficulty level of 8 out of 10 – But nothing all that obscure. If no one can guess the tunes and solve the cryptic phrase, maybe I’ll throw up some clues (maybe all the artists) in a spoiler box. So give it a whirl…Here ya go:

SDMB Name Those Tunes Cryptic Medley

?? :confused:

The link doesn’t work…:frowning:

Sorry, Didn’t realize Yahoo briefcase is no longer open to the public, it worked for me only because was signed in. I tried uploading the file to another site. I hope

This Link For: The SDMB Name Those Tunes Cryptic Medley works.

If not - I’ll apologize for wasting your time and try to figure out what to do later. Side note: A few freinds I e-mailed it to said it was far from easy. The best anyone did was getting 17 titles (out of 23) correct and being able to figure out what the cryptic clue was.

The good news is the the link works.
I recognized about four songs.

I’ve nailed the cryptic clue because I happened to catch some of the easier songs and got the first three in a row. I have eight nailed down for sure. I also contend that this is not easy. I recognized several of the performers’ voices, but not the quotation, which was apparently from a live cut, and was unable even then to Google a solution.

Maybe I’m going about this all wrong, but this is tough.

…But it’s by no means obscure.

If you know a few track titles (like Zebra) or a 1/3 of them & the cryptivc word clue (like Jurph) post em.

As promised, the Artists’ (In Track Order):[spoiler]Johnny Cash - 1969 / Information Society - 1992 / DMX - 1999 / MC5 - 1969 / Jimi Hendrix Experience - 1967 / The Damned - 1976

Violent Femmes - 1981 / Tom Waits - 1975 / The Beatles - 1968 / Mojo Nixon - 1990

Groove Armada (w/Fat Boy Slim) - 1999 / Body Count (Ice T) - 1992 / Howlin’ Wolf (And The Electric Mud Band) - 1969 / Thousand Points Of Night (aka Was Not Was) - 1992 / Offspring - 2000 / Bongwater - 1988 / Charlie Daniels Band - 1973 / Long John Baldry (w/Ronnie Wood) - 1971 / Blue Oyster Cult (w/Patti Smith) - 1976 / Black Sabbath - 1970 / Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - 1969 / Frank Zappa - 1974 / Meryn Cadell - 1992[/spoiler]

I get a big ol’ mess of nonsense characters when I click your second link.

Do you have Windows Media Player?