A for real Name That Tune thread.

What I wanted to do was put up links to instrumental midis and have ya’ll Name That Tune. The problem is that these midis are named, of course. So, if you play you’ve got to close your eyes after you hit the link and promise not to look. Ready?

Tune number one

Tune number two

Tune number three

Tune number four

Tune number five

Maybe the game should be who could find the worst midi version of a song.

1 Baby Elephant Walk

  1. Link won’t open

  2. Popcorn by Hot Butter [I have it on iTune]

  3. Axel F Theme from Beverly Hills Cop [I have it on iTune]

5, Recognize the melody but don’t know the title, Maybe the “Clock Song”?

I’ve always like the Baby Elephant Walk. It’s just so cute!

You didn’t add any of your own.

Did you close your eyes?

Here’s number two again.

There are some pretty awful versions of this song out there. This one has the name and the group in the file name, so close your eyes really, really tight.

Midis are cool. :smiley:

(sorry I don’t have anything else to add)

No midis handy. I didn’t have to look, OK I couldn’t help it on the first one, but they were just too easy.

  1. Green Onion Booker T & the MGs

I love popcorn! The song that is… I actually hate real popcorn.

You get the titles (or close to it) in the status bar when you mouse over the links.

Yeah. That’s why you gotta close your eyes. The game really should have been Worse Midi Version Ever! Sorry to those who love midis, but those things make for some really baaaaaaad music.

#5 is “The Syncopated Clock” (1945) by Leroy Anderson.

My apologies, Biggirl. Obviously I hadn’t finished reading the OP before I looked at the links. DUH!

BTW, I have a sizeable collection of MIDI files, mostly jazz ones, that I’ve collected over the years. Some are quite impressive, some are so-so and some are lame. I trashed the really shitty ones. As I find a better rendition of a favorite tune I scrap the older one, unless it’s also a decent version.

There are several MIDI players that will list the data about the file’s creation, including full name of tune, composer’s name, sequencer’s name and such. That way, I have been able to identify all but a handful of tunes. But there are stil a dozen or more that I’ve kept that I can’t identify. So a “name that tune” would be beneficial for me if I had some way to put the files up to the web for y’all to help with.

Anybody know a neat way to do that?

Here’s one especially for today.

Zeldar, get a geocities website and upload the files. I say geocities because that’s what I use, but I’m sure there are plenty others that’ll give you some free bandwidth.