Big Ugly Parking Permit Stickers

Ok for our county parks I bought a yearly permit. I don’t want to defraud them or anything, however there’s no way i’m puting a HUGE bright orange poster on my wittle blue car. Even if it wasn’t horibly tacky it’d still obstruct my vision as the left side of my WS is pretty important and there’s no real nooks or crannies to hide it in. How can i make it semi-permanent only for those few days ill go to the park this year?

Also how do you eventually remove permanent stickers if you’ve affxed one to your windshield.

It’s self-adhesive? With a paper backing that you peel off and then stick the thing on the glass?

Just leave the paper backing on, and use Scotch tape to tape the whole thing, intact, to the glass when you need it.

Most permanent stickers, depending on the adhesive they’ve used, will come off with the application of GooGone. Great stuff.

Tape it on the inside of the windshield, even if it’s designed to stick on the outside. If you have it on the outside, once the Scotch tape gets wet, it’ll let go and you’ll lose your sticker.

[indent]ORANGE and BLUE look good together.


Well I shoud have mentioned the paper backing is on the FACE of the sticker, IE you have to remove it to see the sticker.

Remove the paper backing and apply the sticker to some sort of clear plastic. Then use in in the way that DDG suggests.

To remove sticker residue from windows, a combination of a razor blade scraper and solvent such as denatured alcohol works well.

Peel it and stick it to a sheet of clear acetate - resulting in a “laminated” looking gate pass.

Yah, just one of those sheet protector things you put in a binder. How big is this sticker?

probably about 2.5x2.5, though i’m extremely sensitive to vision and am easily disturbed by things in my winshield perhipery.

Go to Their product works great, it allows you to attach the sticker to a clear piece of treated plastic that clings to the windshield. I used to use it all the time, the last two stickers I needed I couldn’t find it so they are permanent.

I find it at AutoZone, JJ Peppers (convenience/liquor store) those type of places