Big Zucchini

Just had to share this.

Looks like someone raped and pillaged his way through the refrigerator.

Note to self :

Search “Big zucchini” on Google Images


Do you ever call big ‘zucchinis’ (courgettes) ‘marrows’ at all, as we do in Britain?

I have never heard them called that.

My real last name means “Big Zucchini”. Seriously.

But do you have a big zucchini?

…No, I meant in your refrigerator, now stop that.

Not in my refrigerator, but perhaps in my bedroom…

Coincidentally, I had to deal with a big zucchini last night. No, it wasn’t in my bed unfortunately, it was in the garden. And I didn’t notice it until it was too late - it grew to enormous proportions. I made zucchini croquettes. I grated the squash, sprinkled it with salt, and let it sit in a colander for a while before ringing it out in cheese cloth to remove water. Then I mixed it with bread crumbs (although panko might work better, I just didn’t have any), egg, green onion (also from the garden), and some Old Bay seasoning. I formed them into patties and dredged in flour before pan frying. I sprinked with a little salt when they came out of the pan and drained on a paper towel. They were delicious. That one zucchini made nine patties, enough for dinner and lunch the next day for two people.

A friend of mine likes to split the big ones in half, hollow them out, and stuff them like a stuffed pepper with rice, meat, and a tomato based sauce.

Sounds delicious! My dad’s girlfriend planted something insane like five zucchini plants, so I’m sure I’ll be looking for recipes.

Zucchini bread’s my favorite, I could probably get 5 loaves out of the one pictured!

My dear boyfriend had never seen a zucchini like that, just the wee ones you can buy in the grocer all year round. His eyes about bulged out of his head when he came home to find one on the table last year. Didn’t ask me what it was, just silently walked to the table and picked it up, hefting the weight to and fro, then turned to me and quietly said “I feel very inadequate.”

The one in the picture is puny compared to the one I have that get lost in the squash jungle.

Here’s the recipe that we use. Cut the zucchini in two (this works especially well for giant 8-ball ones) and hollow it out, leaving some for the bowl. Bake the shell at 350 for about 15 minutes until it gets soft. Mix the insides with ground beef or ground turkey and spaghetti sauce, and cook until the meat is done, and it is hot. Put the mixture back into the shells and bake for another ten minutes or so. You can put cheese on top also.

The other things we do with them:

  • The NY Times last week or the week before had a nice zucchini salad recipe. You can mix zucchini with the water pressed out, potatoes and onions into a pancake shape, and fry. This is basically potato cakes with zucchini. Cooking Light had a recipe in which you cut zucchini into french fry shapes, coat with bread crumbs, I think, and bake to make vegetarian fries.

The best recipe is to find people without gardens and give some away!

mm zucchini…

We enjoy zucchini casserole (more like a quiche with cheese, eggs, ham and bread crumbs), cream of zucchini soup, zucchini muffins and/or loaf.

Or chop it up and cook it with onion and mushrooms in a little butter. Or grill it (generally wrapped in foil with some other veggies and a little butter and celery salt…)


I opened this thread thinking someone was going to complain about some sort of monopolistic vegetable industry and its political clout.


ETA after looking at the linked pic: We once got a 7-pound zucchini, which I’m guessing was bigger than the one in the picture. We gave it to the dog to toss around (outside, of course!). She loved it.

I seem to do the opposite with the zucchini; I make a nice tomato sauce with sauteed green peppers, onions, diced zucchini and sliced hot italian sausage and mix with rice. But then I tend to buy zucchini that’s far too small to stuff.