bigbabysweets2000 has left the board

I can’t stand it here anymore. All you guys just whining, and trying to act superior. Demanding cites, and posting pictures of your Goddam ugly cats and kids. Bitching in the Pit about politically correct minutia. While the Cafe is filled with pop culture mentions I do not recognize. As well as asking questions in GQ which are easily Google-able and all over Wikipedia. What’s the point? It’s been a fun couple of years, but I think my $15 is much better spent on a popcorn and a movie, because I haven’t been entertained by this message board for more than two hours in years.

And if you haven’t gotten this clear yet, this is a blatant whoosh. I’ve simply requested a name change. (May or may not happen, not sure yet)

Anyways, please continue with everything I ranted about in my first paragraph, it’s why I love this place. Just my mundane and pointless thing I must share this morning.

Gah, blessed be the administration for their speedy work.

Well, your handle sure seems a lot… shorter than it used to be. But really man, don’t you know you’re supposed to use TLAs? What’s with the FLA?

It’s shorter, but more attractive. It’s how you use it baby!

So, you get another squidding?

I bet that’s why you really requested the name change.

I have +3 squid protection with my experience, bring it on.

What does bbs2k stand for, anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

Never mind all that. Do you still not have Photoshop?

Bulletin Board Seems to Krash?

Fucking hell, bbs you done near had me believing that when I clicked on this.

I don’t always agree with your posts (And that places you with 3524567456346 other Dopers), but I do like 'em.

Keep up the good work, and if that bigbabysweets person dares to show up around here again, we’ll run 'er out of town! :smiley:

Yeah, I’m glad she’s gone. This new guy seems alright, though.

Shuttup, I make a hot chick.

Does this mean you’ll look different at the next DopeFest?
How will we know you without the oversized nametag?

Damned inermanet with its gender confusion. That’s only about the nth time I’ve stuffed it up.

Oh, so the person inheriting Divine’s role in the Hairspray remake wasn’t that Travolta guy, it was you?

Make one for me, willya? I’m starving over here.

Yeah, well, I always thought of you as BBS2K anyway. In capitals.

Oh, good, you’re not actually leaving! There aren’t many other labbies around here, I’d miss you!

But yeah, I like the name-cut. Looks good on you, you should keep it short. Don’t grow it back out again.

He could keep it short but grow a pony tail. bbs2thousand, maybe.

Hey, great choice! I still owe you for the “expert in body-crawling pests” thingy, and I’ve been avoiding getting you back because the typing of your moniker just looked too exhausting.

Be Prepared, bbs2k!