Bigfoot body found?

Just saw this on Fark:

Story here, picture (!) here.

So far, I’m skeptical – this:

gives me a bit of pause, but I’ll wait and see before throwing any accusations around.

For a bit more skepticism, a poster here (hope it’s OK to post the link) has done a bit of snooping around and uncovered that an alleged “Dr Paul von Buren” is apparently a photographer named Martin Whitton; later on in the discussion, Matthew Whitton (who discovered the body) himself comes online and threatens legal actions on the basis of copyright violation (and admits that there isn’t, in fact, a Dr von Buren).

And Matthew is a cop! Not so wise to get tangled up in an attempt to hoax/defraud the public when you’re in that profession, not to mention throwing around easily-dismissed copyright violation allegations.

Stuff like this (and perpetual motion machines) that is presented at press conferences is automatically suspect.

Peer review is for serious discoveries, press conferences are for publicity (e.g. for Bigfoot Global LLC.) :rolleyes:

So it’s just a hoax? D**m, I was wondering where my ex wound up.

I’m inclined to agree, though if they really DO have something, it would make sense for them to release it publicly before someone else steals the credit. The discovery of an unknown North American, large primate/ape/hominid would be absolutely earth shattering news. It is hard to imagine any scientist, even the most ethical of them to pass up an opportunity like that if it is real. Considering that Tom Biscardi :rolleyes: is involved though, I’m content to wait and see.

Cryptomundo, the site with the original story, appears to be down now. Why am I not surprised? I can’t even get a cached copy of the page with the story on it to come up on Google now.

If they have the body, how would anyone else get the credit?

It’s just a publicity scam. See Stern, who announced a ‘working perpetual motion machine’ at a press conference in 2006.
They got a load of money from investors. :rolleyes: And the machine is … almost working… :smack:

Frankly, since they are not scientists, they would become a footnote in the volumes of material to be written about the animal. Accepted procedure indicates that whoever does the first published description can name the creature whatever they wish, and I doubt that either of them have the training to produce a paper of that sort. Simply finding something doesn’t make you able to do a proper, diligent, detailed analysis of the evidence. It doesn’t make them honorary primatologists, or any other type of trained researcher whose opinion would carry weight in the scientific community. If they are on the nuttier, tinfoil hat side of things, they might also be concerned with governmental bodies absconding with their find.

I don’t doubt that this is most likely a total scam, but on the outside chance it isn’t, they are doing the right thing by making a big freaking deal about it.

The space aliens are just going to steal it back.

Sooo… you mean that Bigfoot works on magnets? spinning magnets perhaps?

If you put Bigfoot on a treadmill…

How to create a hoax. First, buy a standard bigfoot or gorilla costume. Leave it in the box it came in and dump some fresh roadkill inside to simulate guts. Next, take a lousy picture of the suit in the box with the guts showing and post it on an uncritical bigfoot website.

Like the one linked to above.

Nothin’ to it.

Lets guess on the probable timeline…

  1. Aug 15. Press conference, blurry or otherwise non-documentary pictures are presented, perhaps a tuft of hair or a finger or other body part, in a jar or otherwise isolated from all but visualk examination

  2. They will announce a book/dvd or other release will shortly be released, but that the actual body will be preserved for future presentation once a “team of scientists” can study it.

  3. Book/DVD or other money maker will hit the stands… oh say Dec. 5th (just in time for the bigfoot enthusiast on your christmas list)

  4. Some form of difficulty will prevent “team of scientists” from ppresenting results at that time, but it will be forthcoming in a major media release, “real soon”!

  5. Feb 09, Body will mysteriously disapear or be destroyed.

  6. Resultant publicity will be used to “bump” book/dvd sales.

  7. Results from “team of scientists” will be inconclusive, but elusive. (if ever released)



On that thread, they keep referring to the hoaxers (after reading this, I’m placing my bet) charging people $499 for something, but I couldn’t track down who was to be charged and for what. Any further info?


That isn’t a bigfoot! It’s in a freezer!

Clearly a yeti.

Why it just so happens that the guys who found the bigfoot also run a business where for $499 they’ll take you out into the woods to look for bigfoot! Crazy coincidence, huh?

And supposedly there’s a whole herd/village/tribe of bigfoot in north Georgia…really…what subdivision do they live in? Our tar-paper shacks are pretty dense up here, :expressionless:

Talk about low-rent, if I’m going to piss money away on a bigfoot tour I at least want to go to the pacific northwest. Did these guys fail with their Alabama elephant hunting safari idea and this was the next best thing?


Meh, the Weekly World News used to have better pictures.

Damn I miss that rag.

Well, have YOU ever tried to shop for the BigFoot enthusiast? Holidays are HELL around here, pal…