Bigger ass: Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne

Would Bruce Wayne tazer Captain America from behind just because a government program that was not rogue or out of control in any way was using a licensed and approved Waynetech device?
Would Bruce Wayne shut down said Waynetech device, knowing it would cause the operator to suffocate?

Would Bruce apply said tazer when Cap was busy trying to save the operator’s life from suffocation?

Ooops, I forgot… Gotham DID try to execute the Joker once, but he wasn’t guilty of the particular crime they were trying to execute him for. Batman caught the real murderer, so the Joker was taken off Death Row. Not that it deflates Ranchoth’s basic point, but there we go.

Bruce Wayne is the ultraprude kind of ass.
Tony Stark is the alky kind.

Maybe Ultron is to blame.

Well, I suppose we have to change Captain America to Hawkman–but yeah, I can totally imagine Wayne doing that, if he decided he could not allow said tech to be out of his control.


Would Bruce Wayne shut down said Waynetech device, knowing it would cause the operator to suffocate?
Again, yeah. He’d figure he could save the operator in time, being an arrogant shithead.

You realize he had plans to, if not KILL all his fellow JLAers, at least subject them to agonizing tortures in the event they went rogue–even though a moment’s thought by any non-asshole will reveal why it’s inappropriate for him to be the person making such plans, right?

Yeah but you know where you stand with Bruce. With Tony as he’s standing there being friendly with you he’s working out the best way to crush you underneith his iron heel.

Like Bruce doesn’t have contingency plans to do the same if I step over the law by killing a villain/become mind controlled/subject to red kryponite…

Tony: I’ll do this because it’s for the Greater Good and will save lives. (I agreed with his side in Civil War, btw, but Tony can be a dick).

Bruce: I’ll do it because I think it’s right.

I think Bruce is a bit mad, but Tony may actually be malevolent.

The thing is, it’s mainly since Joey Q took over that Tony’s characterization has become an attempt to one-up every fool arrogant thing Bruce ever did. And Marvel’s US gov’t gave Tony enough power to be far more dangerous than Bruce. It’s not the internal megalomania, it’s all the mooks cooperating with him.

True. Bruce Wayne actually has far more power than Batman, he just doesn’t realize it. Tony knows full well what being a multibillionare means and can do, and he uses it.

I still think Bruce is worse. He tries to make the world fit his trauma. Tony tries to make the world according to his ideas. Hell, and I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this: Tony Stark is Lex Luthor with hair and more charm. And a drinking problem. And a slightly more beneficial outlook. And no Superman. Ok, you know what I mean.

That would make Wayne the bigger danger and the bigger asshole.

What, did they start posting want ads on asstr or something?

Tony Stark has Pepper Potts. 'Nuff said.

And he’s a big jerk to her. Since Tales of Suspense #40 or so. (I don’t think she was in #39)

The funny thing is, they constantly portray, abnd have since way back in X-Men, the whole concept of registering super-characters as a truly monstrous, Orwellian nightmare of Hellish dimensions, a Nazi-riffic step to evil.


The entire Civil War story Arc turned into a big joke-slash-trainwreck, because registering super-people just isn’t that fundamentally evil. If the superpeople kept to themselves, maybe, but they insist on wearing spandex and running out into the middle of the streets of major cities to have giant explosive battles. The Civil War story start is just what should have happened a dozen times over. People are getting killed constantly by superbeings. Sometimes just randomly, sometimes they’re trying to save other people, whatever. And half of what scares everyone about superpeeps is that no one knows who they are or what they can do. The superbeings want all power and no responsibility.

Sorry, I guess this is a little hijack.

No, registering people who want to go out and beat up bad guys isn’t a horrible idea but what made Civil War was a screwed up monstrosity was that the people who designed the event took the reasonable concept and threw it off the deep end of loony land. As another example going back to Bruce vs. Tony: Bruce hasn’t freed the Joker, Two Face, Mr. Zsasz, and Poison Ivy from Arkham and sent them out to kill people who hadn’t signed his piece of paper where as Tony thought that freeing the mass murdering Bullseye and Green Goblin for this was a peachy idea.

AT least Tony wears protection.

In fairness to the mutants, the registration program was proposed by the same government that tried to slaughter them with giant robots. So you can’t really blame them for being gunshy about handing over their names and addresses.

Wadda ya call Bruce’s rubber bodysuit? :smiley:

This is exactly the reason why I stick my fingers in my ears and say “LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU” really loudly when anybody mentions Civil War.

I’ve always thought of Tony as the Marvel’s Batman, with Cap standing in as Supes, so they’re on the same level to me. But I’ll say this: Tony had an addiction to alcohol, and he beat it. He dealt with his demons. I can’t recall when Bruce has ever done this.