Biggest Loser Finale - Open Spoilers

So what does everyone think?

I think:

Tracey overdid it - her face looked sunken
Rebecca looks lovely, but I liked her better with dark hair
Amanda looks like Leanne Rimes
Danny looks totally different


I wish someone would offer me 1000 per pound…

I haven’t seen the end yet, but feel free to chat

I agree with you that Tracey overdid it; she looked sort of scary.
I also agree about Rebecca’s dye job; she did look better with dark hair.
Woot! to Danny, who looks amazing and now has his money issues solved also!

Pretty much agree with everything said. Danny looks like a different person, everyone else you could still recognize the face but Danny looked like someone else. I thought he even looked shorter. It’s amazing how some of them lost almost or more than half their body weight.

I also think Tracey went too extreme, I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up anorexic or a work out junkie. There was always something manic about her, but I am glad she didn’t win.

I thought that was a slap in the face for all the contestants who genuinely worked really hard to lose the weight but did not win any money. It isn’t about hard work to win money, it’s about finding some way to be the most notable/marketable one.

One thing with Shay though, she really didn’t have a real chance at winning. Even she knew that by finale she’d still have a long long way to go just because of how much she needed to lose. Everyone else had a genuine chance at winning.

I’m so glad Tracy didn’t win. I wouldn’t want to reward unhealthy weight-loss. She looked terrible.