Biggest Loser - 9/11/07

Oh. My. God.

Please tell me I’m not the only Doper bawling my way through The Biggest Loser this year!

Some thoughts on the episode:

  • They hauled planes. PLANES! And the whole time I’m thinking, “If they build up some momentum, won’t the plane roll right over them?”

  • I hope that I never see a table filled with everything I’ve eaten in a week’s time.

  • I am all over Jillian Michaels on a motorcycle. Holy cow, I love her. She’s mean and if she were my trainer I’d probably spend most of my waking moments bursting into tears, but I love her.

  • 31 lbs?!?! Is this really possible in a week? If so, is it dangerous? That couldn’t possibly all be water weight, could it?

So how do you guys feel about this season? Any favorites? Least favorites?

I bawl during every episode!

I love Jillian - I would so much prefer having her as my trainer to that Kim chic. Go Black Team!!

I’m glad they kicked the one off that they did…

I also noticed everyone wearing BodyBuggs, which interested me because I just bought one. I wonder if we will see more weight loss this year due to that? Hmmmm. I guess it’s because 24 Hour Fitness is a retailer for BB.

So far the only person I disliked was the one who got booted…no favorites yet, though!

We are talking about crying here, right? Right?!
'Cause otherwise…

Completely agree. Those other two trainers would do NOTHING for me. Give me Jillian screaming at me on the way up the mountain and I’m good!

Again, completely agreed! She seemed a bit spoiled.

I remember thinking, “Agh, those bands look silly on fat arms. So not getting one for my iPod.” last night. I didn’t realize it was a …thingmajig

Really? I’m pushing for the cheerleader instructor or 21 yr old to go home next. “They don’t want me because I’m a FIERCE COMPETITOR RAAWR!” Whatever.
And yes, zoid, bawling as in full on tears. I’m quite a baby.

I don’t know that this question is really worthy of its own thread, but I’m hoping that someone will chime in with a factual answer:

Is the “Last Chance Workout” really necessary? If you haven’t seen The Biggest Loser, they have this grueling working/training session the night before their weekly weigh in. The trainers call it their last chance to shed pounds before they hop on the scales.
It seems weird to me that you could really burn enough calories to lose anything remotely close to a lb. in a single workout. Am I missing something?

Well, you can sweat off a lot of water weight and I would assume they dehydrate themselves before the final weigh-in to help further bring the numbers down. At least that’s what I always figured.

Dehydration would be counterproductive, since they always compare their new weights to the previous week’s weigh-in. So, if you dehydrated yourself the week before, then you’d have to do it all over again every week, or risk gaining back water weight. The only time they could benefit from a dehydration strategy would be on the show’s finale.

Who cares, it’s Jillian!!!111!!! I love her, I can’t wait to see the look on the other trainers faces. Kim probably won’t like her and Bob will absolutely shit himself when she shows up. Her team will totally kick the other teams asses. Good times, good times.