Biggest Movie Shark?

The thread about Discovery Channel’s “Megalodon” got me to thinking (dangerous, i know, but I can’t seem to help it). I wonder what was the biggest shark ever depicted in the movies? Has there ever been a monster movie about a Godzilla-size shark?

The one from Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus should be a candidate.

Well, that certainly qualifies as a “Mega Shark”! The cephalopod was sizeable, as well. Fun stuff! Thanks for the info.

Holy Crap! That sucker is HUGE! “I pick my teeth with the Golden Gate Bridge.”

They had some that size in an underwater zone in World of Warcraft. I remember telling some especially impressionable guild members that if you let them swallow you whole, there was a special vendor inside that would sell crafting patterns.

Man, I miss that guild…

Here’s a diagram I think was posted here when the movie came out:

Uncovering the secrets of Mega Shark; Death In The Skies

Well, after seeing that chart, it all makes perfect sense.

I know. I thought it was all bullshit until I saw it broken down into specific parameters. That explains why airliners fly so high when they are over the ocean.

We’re gonna need a bigger message board.

Ya got that right.

Shark Attack 3: Meglodon. The film is best known for “the line,” which caused anyone watching it to stop the video and go back to hear it again, thinking, “Did he really say that?”

Oh yeah, *that *line.

I tried that line once. Didn’t work.