Biggest music act “retirement ripoff” ever?

Not in any order but I nominate:

Motley Crue- claimed a few years back that they testified in court and signed an affidavit they were on their last tour.

2020? Not only touring, but HEADLINING A STADIUM tour with Def Leppard and Poison!

Ozzy Osbourne- I attended his “No More Tours” show in 1992. During which he announced he was not retiring.

In 2018 attended another Ozzy concert, 26 years after he put on his “retirement” concert. And even THIS one was advertised as a “final” tour!

Lynyrd Skynyrd- Not only are they advertising a “retirement” tour, but I think there might be only one original member of the band in the lineup. You know the fake version of the band will be back.

The Band- They sure cashed in on a movie based on their last concert——then partially reunited a few years later!

Other bands that have recently advertised or implied “final” tours, some more than once include: KISS, The Who, Elton John, Doobie Brothers and more.

Don’t get this twisted: I was happy to see Ozzy again. But you can’t ignore the cynicism of artists taking advantage of their fans for the almighty dollar.

Who do you think was the biggest retirement ripoff in rock history???

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How many times have the Rolling Stones retired?

This is hilarious. How on earth would that come up in court?

I remember seeing an episode of “Babylon 5” where, on those screens that list upcoming events for arriving passengers, one of them listed “Rolling Stones Farewell Tour”.

It could be claimed that people suffered financial loss because they spent extra to see their favorite band one last time. Maybe they paid extra for the tickets and had higher travel costs since they thought it was going to be their last chance forever. But then when the band keeps touring, the people may feel they’ve been defrauded since they didn’t need to pay that premium. If it could be proved that the band fraudulently said it was their final tour just for the boost in ticket prices, then I would think they could be sued.


Not sure. I recall hearing something about any band (claiming to be LS, not ‘any band’) being legally prohibited to use the name unless there are at least two ‘original’ members (that one guy left early on to play with Black Snake Arkansas, or something like that, but he is technically an ‘original’ member). Everybody else is pretty much dead. Who else is left? Rossington and Pyle?

I’d have to look it up to be sure, but I’m far too lazy for that.

But, yeah. That is a retirement rip-off, right up there with The Who.

On the other end of the spectrum, it is rumoured that ABBA turned down $1 billion to go on a world tour.

Okay, I botched that. I swear I ain’t drinkin’, yet.

Ricky Medlocke, who left and went on to be frontman for Blackfoot, is also considered an original member, and that is how they are able to continue touring under the name Skynyrd is how I understood it from the show I saw on them. I could be wrong. I am so often, it don’t even faze me anymore. I almost expect it.

Now I’ll start drinkin’.

Being from Sweden, they’d only get to keep $40. Tax rate is 7300%.

(I kid. Sorta.)

In 1982 the Who said it was their first retirement tour. They were correct, they are still touring now. But I don’t have a problem with them continuing to tour.

Motley Crue signed a “cessation of touring contract,” saying that they want to leave a legacy:

From Rolling Stone:
They did talk about their pledge to never tour again on several occasions. “If we did agree [to another tour], the way we’ve set it up — including this conversation right now — we’d have so much egg on our face,” Sixx told Rolling Stone. “We have so much pride that that alone would stop it.”


The Guardian:
[T]he four members will go their separate ways when The Final Tour is over. If they do not, they can apparently be sued - though it’s not clear by whom.

So face, meet egg. That’s rock ‘n’ roll, baby.

If you don’t like the music don’t go to the concert or buy the music. Why do people care if they retire and then come back?

That proviso has been relaxed in the following years due to lineup changes and natural attrition and is no longer enforced.

there are 50s groups with no original members that still tour. Don’t have a problem with that either.

Sure, but that’d all be after the fact, right?

Like, you could sue a band for that when they started their next tour, but how would they get into court to assert that the current tour really is their last one?

I guess maybe they’ve pulled this before and someone sued them over the previous tour?

Suing a band over a tour may be legal but it’s really dumb.

As far as I know, never. There have been certainly rumors of the Stones making their final tour since at least the early eighties, but I’ve never heard a word about retiring from Mick or Keith themselves ever. Or do you have any cites?

Deep Purple, OTHOH, are a perfect example for this thread. They went on their farewell tour in 2016 and each year since then extended it into the next year. It is even known as the Long Goodbye Tour.

Kiss had a farewell tour in 2000, but it turned out to be an inside joke and the “farewell” was to Peter and Ace, not touring.