Bijou Drains

You’re a dick.

After reading the link…definitely.

Sounds fake.

Lawd help me if I ever piss off the QuickSilver! Never before have my eyes blistered from reading the distilled invective, the scathing cromulence as is couched between the lines of the OP. Would that the heat of ire in this thread could be measured in mere suns! Woe, and overthetop woe unto Mr. Drains!

:slight_smile: But yeah. He’s being a bit of a prima donna about it. Either very young, or very thick.

I like the part where he calls the shop guys names and says they are dumb and how his dog could do a better job and whatnot, but he didn’t seem to be able to do the job himself. What does that make him?

Why didn’t he just have his dog do it then? Geez.

Totally. I can tell by the dixels.

I could see why he thought he shouldn’t have to pay, at least to begin with. But yeah, definitely a dick by the end.

To be fair, the dog is sometimes confused by metric.

And he makes no bones about it.

The dog charges too much.

And doesn’t accept Visa.

And doesn’t stand behind its work.

You gotta like it when absolutely no one shows up for his pity party and agrees with him.

I don’t know Bijou Drains well enough to know whether he is a dick, but based on that linked thread, he’s certainly being a dick.

Where there’s smoke…

Not sure how big a dick he/she’s being…the garage was paid…an additional $100 filing fee for the small claims court that will probably be a waste of money…sounds more like a dumbass than a dick.

While I don’t agree with everything Bijou Drains said, the following explains why I don’t fault him (her?) for being upset.

To me this is a MAJOR failing on their part. Aside from a few long-term-super-good-relationship customers where I know it’s okay, I wouldn’t DREAM of surprising a customer with a bill for something where the price wasn’t clearly understood and agreed to before the work was done. It flabbergasts me that any shop would do this, and I would expect that the customer is not legally obligated to pay for charges he didn’t approve.

I still think it’s questionable that the shop should be liable for the lug stud repair, but in my mind they shot themselves in the foot by proceeding without proper approval. I don’t think the customer can be held liable for the repair charge.

Maybe we can get this up to 1000 posts? After all, I am SO upset about being bashed by a bunch of unknown people on a message board!!!

BTW , they refunded part of my money so we are both happy now.

Of course you are, drama queen!