Bike Riders on the Road

Does anybody else hate the cyclists that ride practically in a lane on the street. Not even cyclists all the time – sometimes they are just commonplace bikers. I know that they can’t really ride on the sidewalk but do they have to be so far in the lane that drivers have to swerve around them?

I was riding with my friend once and there was a biker that was in our way. My friend got around him and then merged really close to the sidewalk so the biker couldn’t pass the car. We just kept driving up against the sidewalk and the biker got pissed. It was funny in a cruel way kinda.

Nope, can’t say that I do. I think bicyclists should be aware of traffic piling up behind them and let it pass safely, but I reserve my negative emotions for people who drive rudely or dangerously around bicyclists.

A cyclist is a vehicle under the law.

The cyclist must obey traffic laws. Automobile drivers must also obey traffic laws. This includes yielding to a vehicle that has the right of way.

A cyclist should ride as far to the right as possible to let automobile traffic pass, but in some cases, he/she must “take the lane.” If the road surface is bad on the right or he/she is getting into the left lane to make a turn, then the cyclist has every right to move into the center of the lane. If the cyclist merges into automobile traffic in a lawful manner, then he/she has the right of way in relation to the following automobiles.

The OP is a total asshole.

::smiling and waving hands in agreement with Green Bean::

Ditto Green Bean. It sucks when riding my bike on campus because of inconsiderate people who think that people who ride bikes should be on the sidewalk. They think they need to teach me a lesson by almost hitting me and doing all kinds of dumb crap to try and tick me off.

In my experiences drivers see bikes as empty space and tend to go through you on the road then you wake up in hospital with many broken bones wondering what the hell happened to you. In the Uk riding on the pavement is illegal and if a cop stops you its a £20 fine (unlikely since the cop will have to do yards of paper work in a report) but kiddies still do it and ride without lights as well. I read in the highway code that a bike can ride out in the road as far as the rider damn well wants to ride but has to be aware of traffic from behind and allow it to pass safely. However drivers also have to give as much room as they would passing a car on the road which they frequently do not. Going over bikers and bullying them with your cars is nasty and is dangerous he falls off and goes under you are looking at prison time maybe even manslaughter.You were a dumb shit for doing that there was a case of kid + bike + car + bus a year ago and the kid was crushed to death between the bus and the car so its not at all funny.

Good thing we have bike lanes in this city not that all drivers bother to keep out of the way ,but theres this road in Salford that has lamp posts in the bike lane so you have to swerve out into the road to avoid them.