Bikers - What do you think of V-Max's?

I’m in the market for a new toy.

I’m looking at Victory’s and even a new V-Max.

I know they are relatively unchanged for many years, but they still soldier on and the price is right.

Thoughts? Opinions of those with lots of saddle time on one are especially wanted.

I don’t have a lot of saddle time in one, but I’ve ridden for a long time and I’ve had time one that bike, about 12 years ago.

It is a nice piece of machinery. Throttle-only uphill wheelies. Dependable, farily low maintence. Gets a little squirrely about about 120mph, though, and it is not a canyon-carver.

The owner of the V-Max I rode was a friend of my fathers, and I know that he (the friend) loved it, but he was a go-fast-in-a-straight-line kind of guy. I don’t know how it compares to more current bikes of the same style.

Sorry I can’t be more hopeful.

Extremely fast bike…make sure you practice safe V-Max.

A buddy of mine has one, and it scares me just to watch him ride it. Guess I’m an old fuddy-duddy…

But ain’t they purty…in a Glock kinda way…

I have many years in the saddle, but none on a V-Max. A friend has one, and he drools over the power and acceleration at high revs. Yeah, they’re funny looking, but I respect the guys on that funny looking rocket.

Haven’t ridden in many years, but that will be the next bike I get.

Oooh! Info for the 2003 models are out on the website:

The Color for 2003 - Black. Just how they should be.

Price doesn’t appear to have jumped much, if at all.

Well, it is 9K less than the Victory V92TC which is the other contender (yes, they are very different). Mr. Max is looking better and better all the time.

Extremely fast in a straight line(for a cruiser), in fact you would probably give most sportbikes a good run for their money in a 1/4 mile(except for new 600 and 1000 supersports).

Much better value than any Harley you could buy(as far as price vs. performance).

Don’t forget to wear a helmet. 'Cause the V-Max is faster than your sister was in high school.


Handles like a puppy on a lead.

When the V-boooooost cuts in it apparently makes everything all right.

Teeeny tiny fuel tank, fill up every 100 miles or so.

You should have lots of fun trying to find the filler cap.

Very reliable.

Victory, AFAIK its reliable, can be tweaked to produce plenty of power and the ‘sport’ version handles somewhat better than many bikes of this type.

If you have the money though, the bike of the moment is Harley’s V-Rod but you may have to wait in line.
Haven’t heard many trad Harley rider opinions on it, wonder if they think it’s “not a real Harley”

I used to do make runs on new V-Maxes. Did you know that each rear tire was already feathered when it left the factory? Really!

(Does that tell you what I think?)

We had a customer at the shop who had a drag racing V-Max. The bike ran 10.02 before he added a chain drive and a four-barrel Holley on a custom manifold (these took him nicely into the nines.) The mechanic who did his work said that you could feel each piston fire.

Hands-down better bike than the Victory or any Hardley. (over 10 years in the bike biz taught me this)

Inexpensive, reliable as a hammer and very fast. Handling only limited by bravado (please ride safe!)

Drawbacks: Small tank, get used to replacing rear tires, girlfriend must have small bottom (hey, wait a minute! thats not a drawback!!)

Hail Mr. Max!

To Hell with this! I’m goin’ riding!