Bill Clinton Makes Cameo Appearance in HANGOVER 2

As per this Hollywood Reporter article.

Let the jokes begin.

I can only imagine it would be a lot funnier not knowing about it beforehand.

In your defense though, Hangover 1 wasn’t funny at all, so I guess no harm done.

I really liked Hangover. It’ll be interesting to see Clinton in the sequel, although I agree it would’ve been funnier if unanticipated - yeah, like that’s gonna happen in this Internet age…

Y’know, they could really turn this to their advantage. I can see the creative forces behind Hangover writing several situations where one might expect Bill Clinton, only to have the payoff be Harvey Keitel or something.

I would think this POV is a minority opinion… I have only heard accolades for the jocularity…

Is he replacing Mel Gibson?

I’ll bet he had ironclad “No- Monica- Lewinsky- Dress- Stain- Jokes- I- Am- So- Not- Fucking- Kidding.” clause in his contract.

The Mel Gibson role was recast with Liam Neeson.

Does it matter?