Bill Clinton playing sax

I’m looking for a video of the time Bill Clinton went on late night TV and played the saxophone while wearing sunglasses. I believe the song was 'Heartbreak Hotel"

I’ve found discussion of the incident, but I can’t find any video of it.

Help me out?

I’m sure it was the Arsenio Hall show. Youtube yields a piece he did during a show but he’s not wearing the shades.

That’s all I could find too. Why isn’t the video clip anywhere?

Dude, I found a VH1 clip of it. (not a full clip but better than nothing)

I typed “video search” at Google and a site called Blinkx came up. Looks like a decent video search site.

Yea! Better than anything I could find. Thanks!

I told my 12 yer old son about it since he is learning the saxophone, and he really wanted to see it. He watched and declared it ‘cool.’

I suppose this thread was bumped by a spammer since I can’t see anything, but in the interest of completion, here’s the full video in question:

He also “played sax” on The Simpsons once; Moe told him to get back to work and he said Make me.

How did the saxophone playing turn out?

Though I see you haven’t posted since June - interestingly, in a completely unrelated thread that I also posted in.

Arsenio Hall: “It’s nice to see a Democrat blow something besides an election.”

Clinton had actually played saxophone on late night TV four years earlier while he was just the governor of Arkansas, not a presidential candidate. He was a guest on Johnny Carson that time, and played “Summertime” with Doc Severinson’s band. At about 9:00:

(This is the “no sunglasses” appearance mentioned above)

Don’t forget this!