Bill Clinton's Vanishing Act?

To all of us political junkies, Bill Clinton’s vanishing act is hard to follow. One minute the papers are full of him (e.g. the marc rich pardon scandal, etc.) but now, a profound silence lies over him-it is like he has dropped off the face of the earth! Even Senator Clinton is pretty quiet-so what gives? In his last interview, Bill was full of his plans for the future-establishing an Indian Earthquake relief foundation, getting the Clinton library (in Dogpatch, Arkansas) underway, etc. Now, we hear NOTHING!
Does this portend a new scandal getting ready to burst upon the scene-or is the public finally overloaded?
Knowing his record, it looks to me that something major is about to come out-and the Clinton handlers are lying unusually low!
What’s your take on this disappearance?

Yeah, Bush is getting nervous now that the spotlight is on him. It’s hard to pull the wool over peoples’s eyes without a media hound like Clinton to misdirect the scrutiny of the press away from your shortcomings.

This might be more comfortable in Great Debates, but…

Ex-Presidents, other than forming teams of superheroes, do tend to drop out of the public eye. You don’t find very many news stories about what former presidents are doing. Ford had a stroke around the Republican convention, but I have no idea what he was doing before that. Carter stays in the news somewhat with Habitat and some volunteer diplomacy. Reagan is at his ranch in California, dying, and, other than seeing him supporting his son during the presidential race, the last time I saw Bush on tv was for a charity tennis match. I don’t see why it would be much different for Clinton.

If it weren’t for those pardons,he would have been out of sight sooner. Once the shame of that wears off, he’ll be back. Most ex-Presidents stay out of the public eye for a year or two. Carter came back with his first book in 1982, only because he needed the money (paraphrased quote from him). Then once his finances were in order, he became one of the greatest former Presidents we have ever had. It may take a while for Clinton, but in a year or two, if there is no new Democratic star in the party, look for him to be back in a big way.

This is surprising how? Now that Clinton’s no longer president, people have moved on. Except for those conservatives who find their lives have no meaning without someone to demonize.

It’s sort of like the Republicans and Clinton were massively into this political codependence thing. Looks like Billyboy managed to break his addiction…or at least he has it under control now. Too bad the Repubs are jonesin’ for a little bit of Bill.

Now we just have to keep the Democrats from starting their own fatal attraction to a probe-filled Bush administration. It’s for their own good.


Don’t forget, however, that Clinton will bounce back into the media eye from time to time. It’s the nature of the media beast. He’s still being investigated over the Rich pardons, so that will juice the stew a bit, but, given time, we will see these stories:

  1. “Hmmm, haven’t heard much from Clinton lately.” A memory piece that will compare and contrast Clinton’s last days with What He’s Doing Today. Held for a slow Sunday page, to allow for a lot of room of file photos. Expect to see a Contrast with Bush sidebar.

…followed by …

  1. Reassessments of Clinton’s administration, starring a host of talking heads, that will take place about a year from now, once another slew of books about the Clinton presidency will be published.

…followed by…

  1. The Clinton Comeback (People-style). The man can’t help but be in the limelight, and when he does something (dedicate the Clinton Library, for example, but any news peg will do), the media will trumpet the CC. This is not to say that he really IS coming back; the media does this to anyone who went through some scandal (Pee-Wee Herman, for example) who does something, anything, that merits the Comeback tag (in Pee-Wee’s case, it was getting the small role in the “Batman” movie).

None of this has anything to do with Clinton’s value as news, mind you, just that this is the way the news recycles itself to fill air time.