Bill to bar gender identity discrimination in Canada

NDP MP Bill Siksay, the first openly gay MP elected to a first term, and Svend Robinson’s successor as MP for Burnaby-Douglas, has introduced a bill to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression.

The text of Bill C-392 can be found here.

His remarks on the subject in Parliament can be found here.

A press release on the subject can be found here.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty damned happy about this one. As it happens, I was just about to bring a resolution before NDP-Quebec’s LGBTTT commission to call for the same thing, and here we have Bill Siksay preempting me. :cool:

Now let’s see if the Liberals are interested in preventing discrimination against trans people or not.


His remarks on the subject in Parliament can be found here.

A press release on the subject can be found here.

No it can’t.

Maybe here?

Kick ass, at any rate. I hope the bill receives the support it deserves.

It works on my computer… Apparently, the website is in the middle of being changed.

And once again, I’m very happy to have come from stock that realizes ‘gay’ doesn’t mean ‘sick and wrong’. Way to go!

Wow, KellyM was just telling me about some official nastiness perpetrated against transsexuals in Canada, such as in Toronto if they want the state to pay for SRS making them go for treatment to a hospital that specializes in the treatment of the criminally insane.

Woo-hoo! if it weren’t for the weather, I would so move up there.

On a related note, I’ve been considering rocking the boat and making waves (a dangerous combination) with Oxford Health Plans. We just got the new rules, and they cover infertility treatments, prosthetic devices, chiropractors, alcohol and substance abuse therapy, psychiatric and therapy care . . . But not “any procedure or treatment designed to alter the physical characteristics of a Member from the Member’s biological sex to those of the opposite sex, regardless of any diagnosis of gender role or psychosexual orientation problems.”

How can I fight this? Not for me, of course, but on general principles?

Oh, well Og knows there’s quite enough of that, as well. I hadn’t heard of the policy you state – AFAIK, there is NO public funding for SRS in Ontario (fuck you Mike Harris) – but there’s more than enough bullshit to begin with.

Let’s start with the fact that you cannot change your legal sex in any province or territory without proof of SRS, regardless of how you present.

In fact, up until recently in Quebec (due to the different civil law system), you couldn’t even change your name to your target gender without first changing your legal sex. (This was successfully challenged a few years ago by a trans lawyer named Micheline Montreuil; among other things, the court found this requirement wasn’t actually in the Civil Code to begin with.)

So yeah. We do still have a buttload of work left to do. But just as having sexual orientation in the Charter was instrumental in obtaining same-sex marriage, having gender identity in the human rights laws should hopefully help deal with these kinds of idiocies as well.

Eve, we wrote our state senator supporting anti-discrimination laws and that seemed to help. In fact, the law we were supporting was revise to cover discimination due to gender identity more explicity covered than it was in the initial wording. I don’t know that it had an effect, but it did not seem to hurt.