Northwest Territories become first in Canada to outlaw gender identity discrimination


The transgendered community of the Northwest Territories is thrilled; we go to her now. d&r

Seriously - let’s hear it for the NWT!

Rats - link probably doesn’t work but this one should.

Yay NWT! Finally! Yellowknife is a very gay-friendly community. I am so proud that they’ve done this.

In case you don’t know, I lived in the North, specifically Yellowknife, for years. My sister and niecey-poo are still up there.

I’m a big dork. Dorky dork. Transgendered does not equal gay, I know that. I was just excited.

Brendan Bell was my next-door neighbour, and makes good bagels.

Who can tell under all that heavy winter clothing anyway? :wink:


Don’t worry about it Gingy, they outlawed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation at the same time.

I wonder how long it’ll take for the rest of the world to catch up to back-woods Northasixty

Just to say that I heard that on the radio when It happened. I happen to live in yellowknife… We had a big discussion about it in social studies class.

And I happen to also be gingers “neicey-poo”

go figure.