Two years ago: Great Debates. Now: MPSIMS - Same-sex marriage in New Brunswick

Two years ago the decisions of the Ontario and B.C. courts on same-sex marriage got everyone in a lather, but today it’s just a trailer on the bottom of the news channels. I had to hunt around just now to find a link: New Brunswick ruling clears way for gay marriage.

So now it’s just Alberta, PEI, NWT and Nunavut, as far as I can tell, that don’t have same-sex marriage.


Not for long.

I’m curious to see what brouhaha develops. The local paper prints countless letters from small-minded idiots who claim that same sex marriage will cause the decline of civilization.

Always nice to see a quote from Eldon Hay. He was my former World Religions professor many years ago.

Ai yi yi, my devoutly Catholic* mother hasn’t called me yet, but thanks for the heads up. More long distance arguments.

Personally, I think: YAY! HOORAY! I have some friends to write home to who will be in very good spirits! Gay, even! :smiley:

    • she brings it up, I don’t paint all Catholics, devout or otherwise, with the same giant brush.

when I was surfing the news tonight, I came across a reference in one article that says Nunavut has decided to voluntarily recognize same-sex marriage without a court case, but now I can’t find the page again and I can’t find anything else about it. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

Piper, all I’ve heard is that they’ve agreed to recognize SSM performed elsewhere, as well as perform same-sex divorces.

thanks, matt.

hmmm - not willing to accept that the common law for capacity to marry has changed, but are willing to accept that the Divorce Act is under-inclusive…sounds sort of like “we’ll do what we can to help them gays see the error of their ways…”

The SSM issue is apparently before the courts in NWT as we speak. Unless they’re on coffee break. It’s just how they work things up there.

I would like to state for the record that I am not one of the Albertans who stands against this issue, but then you already knew that.