Bill Wyman Erased from Stones Photos

Obviously he displeased Stalin.

Or they decided he was doubleplusungood.

Weirdly he shows up standing next to Michelle Phillips if you scratch Jill Gibson off The Mamas & the Papas album cover.:wink:
For those who don’t get it: Michelle Phillips was fired from the group the Mamas & the Papas following a huge fight with her recently famous again then husband “Papa” John Phillips in 1966 and replaced with Jill Gibson. Since their second album cover, The Mamas & the Papas, had already been photographed using Michelle, Jill was posed identically and her picture was superimposed over Michelle. Later Jill was ousted and Michelle restored.

My guess: Wyman wanted too much money for permission to use his photo on the cover.

Exactly - or they wanted to avoid “downstream complications” - probably with a dose of “screw him” mixed in for good measure…

A variation on when Florence Ballard left Motown to sign with ABC Records, she was prohibited
mentioning in promotional material or on the back of her album liner that she had been in the Supremes or recorded for Motown. Despite the fact she was the one who chose the name from a Motown list!

To be honest, speaking as a photographer, it looks like it could have been done completely for aesthetic reasons. That cover looks much better/cleaner/better focused on Jagger without the clutter of Wyman’s head in there. (It also appears to be compressed horizontally.) So, I’m not necessarily convinced there’s an ulterior motive here, but who knows.

Just dropping by to say I thought this was a brilliantly succinct summary, and a shining example of the Dope at its best. I particularly enjoyed the density of the noun phrase ‘her recently famous again then husband ‘Papa’ John Phillips’. Excellent stuff, thank you.

I wonder why the story says that he was obviously digitally removed. He was cropped out, and it appears that no attempt was made to digitally do anything. His guitar neck is still there.

And it that actually Bill Wyman? He is playing a six-stringed instrument that looks to be a Stratocaster, and when I blow up the album cover pic it looks more like Ron Wood to me.

Whoosh? Ok, I will bite. Wyman would be the guy removed behind and to the left of Mick (Mick’s left, right hand side of the cover) on the cover. If he was on the cover. But he isn’t…he was removed.

No whoosh, just me being stupid. I probably shouldn’t try any of those puzzles where you’re supposed to pick out differences between two similar pictures today.