Off-the-wall album cover

Years ago, somone published an album, the cover of which featured a sweet, grandmotherly lady holding up a cherry pie with a piece missing. The missing piece, on close inspection was a depiction of female genitalia from the viewpoint of an OB-Gyn. Anyone remember this? Anyone know where I could find a copy of this picture?

Ah, yes. The infamous Mom’s Apple Pie cover.

The group was managed by Terry Knight, who brough us Grand Funk Railway. Grand Funk had some talent, but Knight was a self-promoter who signed the group and decided upon this promotion, which blew up as people protested.

Sorry to nitpick, but it’s Grand FunkRailroad.

As you were.

Sorry to pick on your nitpick:

From the All Music Guide:

(bolding mine)

As you weren’t.

This isn’t quite what I remember, but given how long ago it was, and my declining faculties, it has to be the right one. I really doubt that anyone would have the stones to pirate the idea. Tnx :smiley:

Sorry to nitpick on your pick on Mr. Blue Sky’s nitpick but… wasn’t he pointing out that Reality Chuck referred to them as Grand Funk Railway ?

As you wish.

A few months later (May 72), Uriah heap came out with an anatomically correct (male and female) waterfall on the cover of Demons and Wizards. The Apple Pie protestors seem to have missed it.

I’m missing it, too. I don’t see anything in the waterfalls, except maybe the tallest one looks a bit phallic or maybe like a boob? I’m not doubting you, I just don’t see it.
[sub]more nitpicking, it’s Heep[/sub]

Eeeeeeyeahhhhhh, and your point would be?


You really need a better picture of the cover than I linked to to see much. The tallest rock is indeed an accurate depiction of a phallus, while the mysterious cave from which waters flow is the corresponding female bits.

Apparently the band was touring until just a few years ago :eek:
I gave up on them after their second album, and no, I didn’t switch allegience to friggin StarCastle.

Thank you for the explanation. I was afraid it was going to be one of those stereogram situations which everyone can see but me. Glad you didn’t mind the nitpick, I saw you had it typed correctly in the link, and figured it was just a typo. Just thought it was funny, given the railway/railroad mistake above.

I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t see it.

[Homer Simpson] For more information on Grand Funk, consult your school library. [/HS]