Billboard I saw on my way to work: Call 1-888-RIMM-JOB

And it had a picture of a hot young lady in shorts and a t-shirt.

It was for a company that sells auto rims, and other car customization stuff.

(It might have been 1-888-RIM-JOBB, not 1-888-RIMM-JOB, though)

Worked, didn’t it? You remembered the company name and the phone number.
Quick! Name another company that does that.
I’ll bet any money that, even if you know they, you couldn’t guess at their phone number.

Next up =-- Aural Sex car speakers. Dial 1-800-AURALSEX

(Disclaimer – God knows what you get if you dial that. This post for illustrative purposes only. Your Mileage may vary. Closed Course and Professional Driver)

I always thought if I were in the biz of fixing leaky basements, I would
make my number:


Damn my proclivity to prefer proper pronunciation!

It took an extra reading or two to get your joke. Aural and oral sound quite different to me.

That would make ALL the difference, wouldn’t it?

1-800-FISTING used to go to Merrill Lynch. Not that they advertised it.

Howard Stern once told his listeners to dial 1-800-FARTMAN.

The phones at Kodak Eastman went crazy.