Dial it. Unbelievably hilareous and totally legit. I wish all companies had such a sense of humor!

Yer pal,

I knew there was something…more…

It’s so nice to be loved :slight_smile:

Now see that is just the kind of whimsy more workplaces need. Definately my style. Too bad corp America is so uptight.

I almost spit out my soda when he said, “You make us feel like a kitten”

Hee hee hee hee

Just for that, I’m going to buy a carton of their cigarettes.

Anybody know what kinds they make?

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Lucky Strikes and Kool, I think…

I haven’t had a Lucky in ages. It’s hard enough to find 'em straight, it’s even harder to find them filtered… damn.

But hey, they’re toasted!

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

For the benefit of those of us on the opposite side of the planet: what the hell are you guys talking about?

Sorry, Guano… I forgot you foreign folks can’t dial toll free US numbers…

I would explain it, but I think everyone else who heard the recorded message will agree that it will not even begin to do it justice!

O.K.: From someone else on the other side of the planet: kindly let us in eventually on the joke (say in a week or so).

P.S.: Satan: We can reach tons of U.S. 800 numbers from Canada. Believe it’s a question of “calling areas”. People in B.C. for example can’t reach certain 800 numbers in Ontario or Quebec, and vice versa. You probably have the same situation in the U.S.


My coworkers already think I’m strange, but I’m sure this confirmed it. I’m trying to get them to call this number now.

“I think he said ‘Blessed are the <I>cheesemakers</I>.’”

You know, just once I’d like someone to love me and not also give me some awful disease.

Dr. J

Doctor J.

That is TOO FUNNY. I wish I had thought to say that. And come Monday morning I will have :slight_smile:

Awww. How nice. I wish I could give 'em a great big hug, but that would entail rearranging all these damn tubes, and my oxygen feed lines would probably get in the way, and anyway it’s time for my diluadid.

HAH. I’m starting smoking just because of this :slight_smile:

Satan, that is just too funny. How did you find it?

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

I can sympathize. Plus, I thought your comic strip was pretty good. So here it is:

For what its worth, I tried a search on 1-800-578-7453 and Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. at the following site:

Internet 800 Directory

Both returned a “Your Search was Unsuccessful” message. While this in it self proves nothing (except that B&W may not be listed in this particular directory), the possiblity remains that this number is not related to B&W, and is a prank.

Just a thought.


“Believe those who seek the truth.
Doubt those who find it.” --Andre Gide


See? Like I said… Doesn’t do it justice!