billfish678 doesn't like loud motorcycles

But he is willing to shoot a hillbilly dead if he can be guaranteed he will be placed at no risk when doing so. Billfish678 shot at some guy once for some reason. He says it was the greatest day of his life. Billfish678 is, truly, the very model of courage and civic duty. Hats off to you, billfish678! Those aging desk-jockeys on their loud motorcycles, those hillbillies thousands of miles from you, those people on the internet…they don’t realize what they got themselves into by pissing you off! I don’t care what people say about you being an angry, incoherent retard or a chairborne ranger or a chickenshit or an internet blowhard! What do they know? I can tell by your posts that you’ve seen the elephant.


I hate loud motorcycles, too. Especially people who drive by at 10 pm at night on a worknight, revving their goddamn engine all the way. Or the ones that sit in their driveway and rev their stupid motorcycle for hours (my old neighbor did this all the time). I have often contemplated murder of these people.

In other words, is there some other reason I should be annoyed by billfish? Because right now, I’m all for him. And I love motorcycles. The QUIET ones.

I hate loud pipes too. I’ve posted about it many times at this board. That’s why I am glad to have a hard guy like billfish678 on my side. He’ll show those obnoxious straight pipe guys what for just as soon as he can figure out how to do it with no risk. Did you know he shot at a guy once? It was the greatest day of his life! Billfish678 is one bad muthafucka!

I’m pretty sure it’s legal in Reno. Especially if you watch him die.

You know who else was a bad mutha…

Shut your mouth!

It’s got a nice beat, but you can’t dance to it.

A link would be helpful.

Now that was funny.

I did the same thing once with a crappy VCR.

You probably couldn’t hear it over the loud pipes anyway…

If you want a clue…Scum pup got all butt hurt recently because I insulted those loud assed penis substitute (aka motorcycle riders) who pull into a parking lot and keep idling those pieces of shit for another 5 minutes after they have parked.

Apparently he is ALL anti loud pipe shit but fuck you to hell if you actually insult such wankers.

Then he gets all butt hurt in another thread about Clive Bundy’s dumb ass relative’s taking over some federal property in Oregon and some people (including me) not giving a shit if their sorry stupid asses get shot and killed.

Combine the two and there you have it.

Actually, you both pretty much fucked that thread with your cat fight. Thanks for taking it here though.

Hey, I do what I can.


Damn you to hell :slight_smile:

The grapist would have done it better though…

To be fair, you were wrong in suggesting that the Bundy assholes be killed without proper legal process. But I figure it was hyperbole anyway. “They oughta be shot” is just trash-talk for “They’re a bunch of turds.”

Scumpup is a lone turd.

Fuck those who let their loud piped bikes idle for over two minutes in their syphiletic assholes.

But that’s just like my opinion, man.

… What do the two points posted in the OP have to do with each other?

Other than apparently being said by the same guy, of course. I can see no reason why one would suggest anything about his ability to think the other.

Really Scumpup is this the best you could do?


Your sniping against billfish showed such vigour in the other thread! It showed much promise, but this is really lame.


When come back, forget the pie, but try again…as it stands, you look like a fucken dickhead. Oh, wait…that’s right, you ARE a dickhead!


You’d think so, but in this case, I don’t think it would. Just consider the source and take it for what it is.

That’s gotta burn.

You are just too cute! I love how you juxtapose your real life timidity against your over-the-top bellicosity here. I’m still waiting to hear about that greatest day of your life. Who did you shoot at? Why did you shoot at him? Was it because his motorcycle was too loud?
When you think about Cliven Bundy’s death, does it make you feel funny “down there?”