Billions 'Missing' From Iraq Fund

Is this just poor paperwork or something more serious?

Whatever it is it won’t play well to Arab audiences.

(The EU is notorious for not accounting for monies spent, so I am aware this is a possibility

This has been alleged already. It’s been said that we have used some of Iraq’s money to resompense(?) iraq’s for their losses. There’s been discussion about he lack of transparency.

There’s a reason for this:

link will expire.

What does the EU have to do with it? :confused:

I fogot to quote this part

Don’t worry… the money will show up in time for some future election… :slight_smile: Or did you think politicians take the $ out of their own pockets ?

I don’t know what the EU is notorious for but the USA is the boss in Iraq and the money was given to the US installed authorities. If someone is to blame it is the CPA and the USA who put them in place and keeps them there. The USA is not willing to share its authority in Iraq. The USA has the authority and the responsibilty.

Only mentioned EU not accounting for monies spent so it didn’t seem like a knee jerk rant against US.

Was just saying that sometimes paperwork is not filled in correctly (or at all)

That said when you are asking other people to contribute money to help out, they are going to want proof it is going on worthy causes

You! Stop asking questions! Are you in league with the terrorists? :wink:

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its only funny 'cos its true