Billy or Dave???

Look, i know the answer to this question…I wont say in case it influences your choice.

Both are giants of the music world, both have been musical idols for years, but these similarities often cause confusion when the question is asked

“who is cooler- Billy Corgan or Dave Grohl”

You should take into account their simple ‘coolness’ and other factors such as their character and musical ability.

I know which one of them is cooler, my friend also claims he knows which one is cooler…(he is wrong), i just hope you all do as well.

Cheers, Duggro

Welcome to the SDMB, duggro. You might find that your question, requiring not so much a factual answer as an opinion, might do best in IMHO.

I would have thought CS a better place for this, as it involves the arts.

Welcome to the SDMB.

The General Questions froum is for questions with factual answers. Since this is a sort of poll, I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

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cheers, i am gradually learning stuff about where to post topics.


Since you’ve started a thread in IMHO already, I’ll close this one. See For future reference, it’s best not to start a new thread but to let us move the existing one.

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