The Most Important Debate!

Forget all this grappling over the mundane.

Debates over evolution vs. creation, straight vs. homosexuality, religion vs. atheism, liberal vs. conservatives. AHHH! Get a life losers!

The real debate which has lasted since 1984 should be

David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar. Who was the best front man for Van Halen?

My choice is obvious - David Lee Roth.

There is only one Ice Cream Man.

Couldn’t agree more. It bums me that I never saw the real VH.

Hey! You forgot whatshisname - Cherone (?) And wasn’t there some other putz too?

Just how many Halens have there been?

:: ducking & running ::

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Debate? Sounds more like IMHO, IMHO. So I relocate you to the forum for Opinions.

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Sammy. I adore Sammy, even though he’s a bit of a nut (if you’ve ever seen him on Politically Incorrect), but I just have to love him anyway.

lola, gotta agree. Van Halen? Bah. Van Hagar? Rocks.

Sammy - no need for Van anyone. Early Hagar is brilliant.

I think Sammy rocks as a solo act, not so good as a front man for Van Halen.
David Lee Roth is just the opposite - great as VH front man, sucks as a solo act.

Diamond Dave.

David Lee Roth, all the way.

David Lee Roth. No question.