Bimbo Race in Panama

Today we had the Global Energy Bimbo Race in Panama. When I first saw the announcement I was momentarily taken aback, until I realized it was sponsored by Bimbo Bread, the leading brand in Latin America.

Mundane and pointless, but I had to share.:slight_smile:

Was Bill Clinton the MC for the event?

Bimbo, a Mexican company, is now the largest manufacturer of bread products in the USA, but knows better than to market its products under that name in America.

I had a mental picture, too, of that classic scene from “Amazon Women on the Moon”, of the babes in stiletto heels and colorful thigh-length togas running with spears along the craggy rockface cliff.

No, but the race passes in sight of the Trump Ocean Club, the tallest building in Panama City.

…for convenient shipping…

I don’t think I could be a female fan of the Philadelphia Union soccer team.

I’ve purchased Bimbo bread at typical grocery stores in Columbus, OH.

The other option would be to get one that’s really, really tight.

Do participants get sandwiches at the end?

The international market where we buy our produce has a large selection of Bimbo products. Helps if you automatically pronounce it right in your head.

It does exist, but not in proportion to the bread market share held by Bimbo-owned brands. It may be marketed in some places for the Hispanic shoppers, but I’ve never seen it here in south Texas – but then, I never push my cart through the pre-packaged American white-bread aisle, either.

I see Bimbo products and delivery trucks around here all the time. Here is the Bimbo Bakeries USA web site, with the Bimbo brand displayed smack in the middle of their others. It could be, as you say, a regional thing.

Thanks. I had no idea those other brands were now owned by Bimbo.

I knew they were Sara Lee (“Nobody doesn’t like Bimbos!”), but I didn’t know all of those other brands were Bimbo too.

Yeah, I didn’t know that Ball Park Franks were actually Bimbo Franks either. (That might actually help sell them in the bleachers…)

BTW, I believe it’s pronounced “Beem-bo”