Bin/Cue files to ISO

I am trying to convert the bin and cue files for a archaic video game into an ISO file. (I have an original copy of the game but its a little scratched so I was trying t get a digital backup, so its legal.)

Anyway I can’t seem to find a program that will pick up the cue file with the bin file, they just load the bin file only. I need to find one that will use the information in the cue file to burn the bin to ISO correctly. Am I doing this wrong or am I missing something here?

One question, why are you converting? Nero will burn bin/cue files directly to a disc and isn’t the disc what you need?

Otherwise, Daemon tools will mount a virtual drive so you could run it from there.

I need it to be ISO and I can run the file from a hard drive and an emulator without burning the actual CD. The system I am doing this for is a Sega CD and the hardware is really flaky but the games are good. Can you get Nero for free or is it something that I have to spend money on? I was hoping that there is a free downloadable program somewhere that can do this. I don’t mind burning them to a CD if I have to, but the ISO would be very preferable.

Daemon tools is probably your best bet, then. It actually will emulate having a CD in Windows itself. If your emulator will access real drives, you could use that, or you can get any freeware CD burning program that can also make ISOs, or any other program with that feature. Tell it to rip the virtual CD from Daemon tools, and you’re set.

I’ll look around and see if there is any program that does explicitly what you want, but I know that combination above will work.

But with Daemon tools I still have to have the ISO, and I can’t get the ISO without something that will actually use the CUE files to properly dump the bin…

I appreciate the help though and the Daemon tools program looks pretty neat.

Shouldn’t the iso program convert the bin without the cue file properly?

I’m pretty sure WinISO can do it without using the cue file.

I was just about to post this link. This page if full of nifty litte tools that will save your butt 99% of the time :slight_smile:

Bookmark it.

Download page from Weethet halfway down the page you see bin2ISO

I tried it the way you guys were showing but none of the CD audio moved, and I think thats what the CUE file was supposed to mitigate. The game plays but without the audio that was laid as tracks. So its consensus that I have to use Nero to actually get it to process the cue file?

Maybe it’s the program that can’t read it?

You can download Nero 15day free trial.

Burn the cue/bin file.
Then use a ISO creator program.


Freeware CD burner. Will make ISOs, and does other formats. I don’t know about your specific case. You would have to look at it to see.

Virtual Clone Drive:
Also Freeware. Mounts disk images, including BIN directly. No conversion needed.

I highly recommend both.